I’m going to take a break from writing this blog, and resume when I’ve gotten an email from each of you saying you’ve finished reading Shonda Rhime’s Year of Yes.  She says everything I’ve been saying, but much more Powerfully.  You need to read it, especially before early June’s Removal of our Last Mask (aka Eris-Uranus Initiation)!

Just kidding; we’ve got simultaneous Stations of Mars and Pluto coming up early next week, we can’t miss those.  But I’m dead serious about how important her book is, and the timing is so mmcredibly Right On!

6 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Okay – havent read the book yet but promise I will! Pinky Promise!… now come back! we need you to navigate this ridiculously changeable but essentially wonderful year! come back! :)

  2. Juli Arthurs Says:

    Don’t you dare we need you! Anyway, as a Scandal fan, her women are impossibly confident ball breakers who dominate their men sexually which is all very high drama and improbable. Your last quote about the “big dogs” was in the last episode I watched – a warning from the heroine to her female friend the Press Secretary not to make a power grab for the Chief of Staff Post. But she does anyway because she knows a man would and she wants to “run with the big dogs”. I also watch Madame Secretary, by Barabara Hall, equally dramatic, except that she has a family.

  3. astrobuss Says:

    I’ve never actually watched one of her shows, though I’ve been in the other room a lot while someone else was watching them, and I’m no fan at all of those long bullying Shakespearean monologues. But the book is not about that, it’s about *Yintegrity*, Self-Sovereignty, Forbidden Genius, and Mask Removal.

  4. RebeccaBerlin Says:

    I’ve already ordered the audiobook of Year of Yes for me and my daughter (who is 13 and idolizes Shonda Rhimes)– but don’t stop the blog, please!

  5. alchemist0310 Says:

    Just secured the book! Which was a journey in and of itself. Perhaps therein lies the metaphors of getting to the “yes” of the matter? Perseverance prevailed! I Look forward to reading about a soulful woman who has inspired a most soulful astrologer… have not watched any of her shows either, but happen chance tonight flipping through channels I came across greys anatomy. Even whilst living just short of a bubble life! know the show exists, but found it ironic that have never until now just stumbled upon it. So of course, intrigued, I watched a dramatic C.Section whereby both the mother and baby did not survive. The “doctors” were very watchable in their distress. And my mind wandered for a few moments to the times in my life where something so horrific occurred and to what happens next… the gift is in the storytelling for sure. Meantime, I’ve got some astrobuss posts to catch myself up on! Much love to this community. So much…

  6. Juli Arthurs Says:

    I hardly watch anything on TV these days, as there is a dearth of good drama that allows you to go places you would never dare, inviting you to think about the consequences. As a Neptune in Scorpio I will always love good sci fi – and we have just got 22.11.63 which I think is an old Tales of the Unexpected story about what would happen if you could go back in time to try to save JFK.

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