Quaoar and Sappho

Quaoar and Sappho have closed down their shop.  Went straight ’round the corner, and never came back.

Anybody recognize that?  You’d think that the Star today would be dwarf planet Quaoar, but tiny 50-mile-wide asteroid Sappho rules!  They’re both Stationary – at their peak of Influence – today.  Seven hundred-mile-wide Quaoar turns Retrograde, while Sappho turns Direct.  

The Moon (Instinct) is crossing Quaoar (Rules for Survival) as we “speak,” and it’s Conjunct Pholus (Responsibility) and beginning to make a Waxing Square to Makemake (Manifestation).

Quaoar Stationary will urge us to Speak our Truth, particularly around issues where we believe our Survival is at stake.  We’re actually likely to Feel a Responsibiliy to Speak out, and to Pay Attention to what it is we’re Creating and whether or not it has Survival Value.

Tiny Sappho (Singing the Praises of Love) on the other hand, is Trioctile (Insight) to Quaoar-Pholus, and sits at the head of a Diamond Star (Profound Ease), T-Squaring (Mastery through Challenge) the Opposition from Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) to Vesta (Unconscious Beliegs) while being the focus of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) from Chariklo (Walking in Beauty) and Neptune (our Relationship with God/Goddess)!  Whoo!  It also Trines the Sun and Sextiles Asbolus (Intuition).  In other words…

This is a unique opportunity to Erase – through Embrace – our Limiting Beliefs.  Whatever it is you see yourself doing today that is not being done out of Love, stop, Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade, and reset your Intentions.  It feels so righteous to be Right and make someone else Wrong, and there are times when that is absolutely necessary (such as when folks are deliberately destroying your Planet for their personal gain), but that’s not today’s program.  

It’s not about Forgiveness – Forgiveness is a Discovery (when you Discover that you’re no longer upset with someone for what they’ve done or what they’re doing), not a Decision.  Forgiveness as a Decision is often Self-Abandonment, when rather than protecting yourself against continuing Abuse you Intend to be magnanimous.  It’s a Truce, a few days of Peace.  It may well evolve into Forgiveness, if Truce leads to Communication between folks who are open, capable, and willing to strive for Win-Win.

Speak your mind, firmly, without holding back, but without Blame or rancor.  Holding or wearing a Crystalline Mineral called Manganotantalite can help immensely with this task.    It’s difficult to find, but gazing at photos of it can convey some of the same Energy…


Tantalite can be either Mangano- (Manganese) or Ferro- (Iron), the Mangano- form being more scarce.  Tantalum is used to control the flows of electricity in cellphones, and most of the planet’s Tantalum comes, with controversy, from mid-Africa…


Perhaps why people find their cellphones so mesmerizing, or tantalizing.  Most Manganotantalite Crystals hail from Brazil or the “Stans” of south-central Asia. 

In the Spirit of Singing the Praises of Love, you could also find your Libido running at a high pitch this week.  By itself, Sappho-Love is more inclusive than Competitive, but there will be exceptions.  If you get caught up in Competition for Love, Change the Subject and put it on hold for a week, till the Energy recedes.  There are no winners in that game.

Pholus, and therefore Quaoar by extension, heads a Finger of God from Sedna (Actions Taken out of Fear) and Varuna (Energy so Ancient it’s barely even Biological).  Remember that Sex and Libido predate Hupersonhood by at least millions of years.  It’s incredibly naive and regressive for individual Hufolk to get stuck on Ego-Identifying with these Archetypes.  Granted that the manipulation of these Patterns in one another is a – or the – primary method for controlling or attempting to control the behavior of others (advertising, for instance!), do we really want to walk into that tarpit?  For fun, absolutely.  For Ego-Identification and Addiction, Revert!

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