Kundalini II.ii

From Chris Griscom’s Ecstasy Is a New Frequency, pp.65-67 ..

“It was time to go home after serving in the Peace Corps.  It had been such a long time since I had lived in the United States … I had lost the edge on the meaning of the word ‘American.’  In Bolivia the issues were straightforward – life, death, food, children. … I had experienced too much proximity to raw existence to maintain any illusion of distinction between an ‘American’ body and a ‘Bolivian’ body.  The ultimate course for each one was the same.

“I moved with an expectant heart towards the plane bound for Miami.  As I entered, I looked down the long rows at the sea of faces, and a great percentage of the passengers were Americans.  I should have been feeling a sense of elation, but instead I suddenly felt heavy and lifeless.  I glanced around at the energy fields, and instantly my entire body registered extreme alarm.  In contrast to the blue sky visible out the plane windows, the cabin was filled with a dense, smoky energy.

“I had seen that energy before.  I began to look intensely at my fellow passengers.  Ill-health, depression, cancer, addictions were oozing out of the auric fields of almost everyone.  Was that what we were manifesting in the great land of America?  I was gripped with anxiety.  These were the living dead!”

“As I passed up and down the aisles, no one raised his or her eyes to meet mine.  We were traveling together.  Even though we thought ourselves strangers, we were inextricably bound to one another by this impervious metal membrane in the sky.  Whatever was to be their fate was also mine. … I had often ignored the reality of auric fields intermingling but here I didn’t have to look at it; I could sit with my eyes shut and feel it pressing in on me.  No way out. … Profound loneliness engulfed me.

“As if I were looking for someone to console me, to convince me it was all a dream, I began pacing the aisles again.  It was then that I saw her.  I could say that she had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was about six years old, but truthfully, I didn’t notice that right away.  What I noticed was her sparkle.  She was alive, all the way alive.  She looked up at me and stared unabashedly into my eyes without a wobble.  She took me in.  She saw me completely, and I knew it.

“I found myself shaking inside, like you do when you’ve been living in a fear state and suddenly you relax.  The letting-go causes a slight trembling.  I walked past her many times on that flight.  We talked to each other with our eyes.  I felt such recognition from her, such profound compassion.  I knew I was in the presence of a teacher, a wise soul, a loving friend.  She did not know fear.

“I had forgotten I had a choice.  She wasn’t one of the living dead, and neither was I.  She didn’t have to convince anyone of what she knew, yet it was clear that she knew it all, and her smiling eyes conveyed the strength in that knowing.

“We passed through customs in Miami, and as she walked away with her parents, she turned and gave me one last look, as if to say ‘Don’t forget.’  I had arrived home – perhaps for the first time ever.”

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