Portals 2.2-5.2.16 – Consciousness of Fear and Power-Over

Busy week; the basic opportunity is to bring Consciousness into the places where our Emotions are unsustainable, most particularly Fear.  In addition to Fear, Power-Over is also lit up; what are typical Emotional sources of Power-Over?  Certainly Fear, but also Anger or Entitlement.  Attributing motivation is always dangerous, because Projection is so easy.  However, we also have to consider Innocence or Naivete – the point is that the basic theme is Unconsciousness.  We don’t always know what Emotions are motivating us, until we bring them into Consciousness.

More about this as the week wears on, but for now, let’s just get some timelines down.  What we’re looking for as these timelines approach, is very subtle shifts in our Emotional Life.  When our Fear or Anger or Surprise or Confusion is triggered, what’s our instantaneous Habitual Reaction?  Do we jump to Defensive so quickly that we don’t even notice what Emotion came before Defense?

It’s so important to identify these places because the process of Letting Go of Karma is the process of Becoming Conscious of our instantaneous automatic Reactions.  This is from an email ad (for Flower and Crystal Essences), but it’s relevant…

February is the month for celebrating love and opening to greater intimacy.  The following essences can help us to release recurring patterns of inflexibility, conditional loving, reactive communication and the pain of the past.  They are valuable in the expansion of our experience of giving and receiving, and they assist us as we deepen in intimacy and in harmony with ourselves and others.

(Our experience with this company’s Essences has been good; we aren’t getting paid by them, we’re just occasionally an impressed customer; the ad is at https://t.e2ma.net/message/fnjrp/v71rnb .)

I particularly love this quote (Robert Bosnak, Tracks in the Wilderness of Dreaming, p67-68)…

“My complete lack of understanding used to make me feel horribly inferior, connecting as it did with a preset program of inferiority running in my family for generations.  But after decades of dreamwork, that’s all different now.  Today it just makes me feel hopelessly inadequate and utterly unable to tackle the task of comprehending.”

“When first hearing a dream, I am usually discouraged by the incomprehensibility of the material the dreamer presents me with.  I understand absolutely nothing of the dream.  The feeling reflects the frustration of the rational mind, having to admit that it can’t figure things out – and thereby leaving space for nonrational faculties.”

What a wealth of Perspective in a few sentences!  

  • First, he’s saying that nothing’s really Changed around his Reactions – what’s Changed is his Attitude toward his Reactions.  Perfect description of how we own our Square Angles!
  • Second, he’s Opening Space for what we usually call PIAVA, or Inviting the “right brain” to come to the rescue of our stuck intellect!
  • And third, he’s talking about Dreams – but nothing is as close to Dreamwork as our Work identifying our Unconscious Karmic Reactions!  

We shift so fast from (for example) Unconscious Fear to (for example) Unconscious Power-Over or Withdrawal, that it’s normally invisible to us, just like the Boundary between our Dreams and our alarm clock.  And the Mirrors are just as Funhouse, the interconnections just as Mysterious to the intellect.

Here are the timelines.  These are major shifts, so the times are approximate…

January 28, 10a PST: Ceres (Sustainability) enters Pisces (Becoming Conscious of Deep Emotions).

February 2 around noon PST and several days prior: Centaur Nessus (Power-Over, Undeserved Privilege) Initiates Ceres at 2 Pisces, “A Squirrel hiding from hunters.”

February 4, 6am and several days prior: Uranus (Yintegrity) Initiates Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) at 18 Aries, “An empty hammock stretched between two Trees.”

February 4, 9am PST and several days prior: 2007 OR10 (Irruption of Unconscious Material) Initiates Ceres at 3 Pisces, “Petrified Tree trunks lie broken on desert Sand.”

February 5, 11pm PST and a week prior: Sedna (Actions Motivated by Fear and Anger) Stationary Direct at 25 Taurus, “A vast public park.”

This is later in the month, but relevant – February 26 around 11pm: 2997 OR10 Initiates Nessus at 3 Pisces (more ossified Trees and Quartz).

4 Responses to “Portals 2.2-5.2.16 – Consciousness of Fear and Power-Over”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Indeed I did visually ignite insight on this very time line you speak of here, especially these first days before the 8th..amazing relationship with Feb 4th here, as I wrote this morning…witnessing the petrified Beings within their deserts,..Thank you for this immense validation of that which I am “seeing” “feeling”..for me, it is …feeling is seeing…..Namaste’ dear Star Brother

  2. desmene Says:

    “…what’s Changed is his Attitude toward his Reactions.” — yes. Opening and Softening to ourselves as one of the many forms of Love. Beautiful– thank you!

  3. alchemist0310 Says:

    Whew, ok, this will be quite a week for this Pisces girl. Feelings of belonging (and lack thereof) super amplified. The “how did I get here” I have to remember is not related to “karma”… but how else do I understand this intense feeling of not belonging… wanting to be somewhere in my fantastical imagination that is the polar opposite of living in the suburbs, contending with this mass of unconscious folk, laughing at the notion of sustainability here by my lonesome… (this takes a community we both know)… so I run to the mass grocery store to buy the lot of essentials burning up $80 for nothingness… all the while laughing at my irrational thoughts, and blessing the fact that I do have a food co.op, on the other end of town. PIAVA, and empathy, I know. I just wish I were in a small village, living so simply. So I’ll be there in my minds eye. Here in my cushy living room. Dreaming away. Drifting until the morrow. soooo much energy is required some days– I become exhausted with it all….

  4. Jim Buss Says:

    Ain’t it the Truth! Living so simply! – with hot running water (it can be solar)! Don’t forget Gratitude! Do you know Hank Wesselman’s great series of books (*Spiritwalker* et al) on post-Apocalyptic California?

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