Portal 25.1.16 Plus Two

Our readers continue…

“Thanks for this… On a positive note, I notice that my tapping and PIAVAing seem to be dissolving things in fairly rapid order.  I do the tapping and reframing, and then change the subject and move on.  Later, when I revisit the issue (carefully, since I’m working also on “changing the subject”), the charge seems to be gone, leaving me feeling aware of the issue but slightly surprised, like checking an old wound that once was painful and now only has a slight mark where the infection was.  

“I am now recognizing painful feelings as something working to get “up and out,” like a splinter being expelled, which helps me have more faith in the process, rather than interpreting the feelings as “something I’ll never get over.”  Also putting a lot of focus on loving ALL internal parts and voices, and welcoming their information and fears.  So… moving forward (as seen in Earth School Linear Time). :-)  What a fascinating process.”

There isn’t any “Happy Ever After,” but this is when we start getting “Happier Ever After.”  Like Dr. Kim says, there are no “negative Emotions” or “negative thoughts,” there are only Emotions and thoughts that trigger unhealthy physical Reactions, Stress, that put the Body into Protect mode rather than Heal mode.  Or as Stephen Levine says, we want to Soften around a wound, contrary to our Habitual Reaction of walling it off.  Fear is Hard and Cold, Love is Soft and Warm.  Love Heals.

So we never eliminate the negative; we develop new Habits to Love it into oblivion.  First we Learn to Witness and Embrace, then we Surrender into the “negative,” because that’s how we Discern our Power.  Without first Learning to Witness, we can’t Surrender because we’d get lost in it again.  Without Surrendering to it, we can’t Recover our Power – the Skills that we need to accomplish our Mission, the Skills that are hidden beneath our Held Emotions.  I’ve always leaned toward the Bodhisattva approach.  If we manage to get off the treadmill, then of course we’d return to help others get off.  Happier.

“Well, that was a lot of fun…all kinds of readers chiming in.  One other possibility concerning the digital age arriving in earnest after 2019, “if the 1% are still the ruling class and own all of the machines…” Based on current observation there is an equal chance that the machines will become the ruling class taking the 1% by surprise; by the time the 1% realize they are not in control it will be too late to do anything. 

Yes, the “Singularity” that Ray Kurzweil talks about…


Survival of the smartest in his Universe.  And he works for a company whose Business Plan is to collect as much information as they can from their customers, so they can sell it to their advertisers.  Not quite as mercenary as Facebook, but close.  I’ve been reading a book by another of Google’s managers, Search Inside Yourself, part of a big trend to co-opt the “New Age” (for want of a better term), and devote it to Greed.  It’s not new; the biggest customers for NLP were Madison Avenue and the Republican Party.

Eventually I think The People will tire of Greedheads, and resurrect the guillotine.  If eventually we don’t return to Community, not even the gated and walled neighborhoods (called “Communities” in an Orwellian twist) will be livable.

“Well there are always solar flares…but wouldn’t that mean annihilation for the 1%?”

They could certainly send half the Planet (the side facing the Sun at the time) back to the Stone Age.  As could a nucular war, if Syria turns out to be just another Spain, and Putin ends up bleeding through his whatever.

Another trend I see developing strongly is a move toward greater Gender Equality, something that’s very lacking in the 1% and Silicone Valley and among the Greedheads in general.  David Deida would appreciate Search Inside Yourself.  Big Trends tend to continue “far longer than you imagine they could,” to paraphrase Jim Rodgers.  They continue till they don’t.  Then we adjust to a new Trance Formation.

2 Responses to “Portal 25.1.16 Plus Two”

  1. arion444 Says:

    Forget Trance Formation…already too many zombies on this planet. What we really want is tranceless humanity. Ray Kurzweil wants to meet the Borg Collective and help them take over hupers! Hard to believe I used to covet his synthesisers.

  2. astrobuss Says:

    Hmmm. I suppose you mean by “tranceless” Fully in the Present Moment, as I guess many of the Saints and Yogis are or have been reputed to be? That would be a big download, which almost everyone would equate to Death, since the Confusion between Ego Death and Physical Transition is probably the biggest problem on the Planet.

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