Uranus and Sleep

Folks say you’ll live longer and healthier if you establish a regular Sleep rhythm, Sleeping roughly the same time span every day, especially if this time span corresponds more or less to the hours of darkness.  This is undoubtedly true, if you’re an accountant, actuary, laborer, or have a strong natal Saturn.  However, if you’re a poet, artist, writer, or have a strong natal Uranus, forget it.  Rules Change in the Reaches, as Ursula put it, and Uranus is the Reaches.  

Uranus is also one ray of the seven-rayed Fairy Star that Graces us this week, which is to say, Uranus is lit up.  When Uranus is lit up, the worst thing you can do is lay in bed worrying that you’ll be tired on the morrow because you aren’t the slightest bit Sleepy.  If you aren’t Sleepy, get up and do something Fun or Creative, or better yet both.  Uranus is the Muse, and She’s in charge.  Your only choice is to Surrender Control and let Her handle it.  Then you’ll do just fine.

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