Dr. Kim on Anxiety

The recording of Dr. Kim D’Eramo’s excellent webinar on Anxiety is at …


Here’s a fabulous quote from her intro email…

“I’ve had some great questions about EFT Meridian Tapping and the video series I put out last week.  One of them:

” ‘Why do we tap on the ‘negative’ thoughts?  Doesn’t that cause more negativity?  Don’t I need to be positive?’

“My answer: Tapping (on the meridian points) neutralizes the disturbing thoughts or emotions in your brain.  There really are no negative thoughts or emotions; there are just those that trigger your body’s stress response and block you from health. 

“When you have resistance to something (whether it’s a person who gets on your nerves or resistance to feeling angry or sad), it generates toxic chemicals in your brain and body.  That’s what makes the thought FEEL negative.  When we believe things that are not true, our body responds to let us know! 

“Holding resistance not only ages you, increases pain and impairs healing…it limits your brain activity, so you continue to ‘stress’ about that thought again and again without seeing the solutions, even if they’re right in front of you!

“Tapping literally ‘changes your brain’ so you free your body to experience ease, joy and vitality.  It’s sooo much simpler than most people think.  That’s the miracle of your body!”

Scroll down to the “Tapping” Category in the right-hand column of this page to find her web page on the Tapping protocol she uses – it’s basically the same as Jessica Ortner’s, which you’ll also find there, along with Dr. Kim’s website.

Signing up for her email newsletter on her website will get you great ideas almost daily for Stress relief.

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