Septile Full Moon Plus Bonus

I’ve been having great results from that trick of dividing my quiver of thoughts into two piled of chips, and scooting the less-than-Stellar chips across the table to the dealer to trade for cash.  In such momentous times as these we have to Expect all of our Resistance to arise to be Cleared, and stand ready to Celebrate it.

The Seven-Pointed Fairy Star is a symbol of Perfection used to ward off “evil.”  It fills our Solar System this week.  The portentous Energy peaks at the Full Moon on Saturday 23 January at 6pm PST, but there’s another huge Portal at 3pm PST on Thursday 21 January, a Big Rebirth.  Huge but narrow; we want to cash in as much Baggage as we can before then, so we can squeeze through it unencumbered.

Saturday’s Full Moon occupies the “seven” position in this week’s Grand Septile (Big Magic).  The Full Moon is also the focus of a Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to this Learning Opportunity), at the far Midpoint of a Venus-Neptune Quintile (Aligning Personal and Cultural Values, or Finding our Tribe).  Apart from – or because of – the Big Magic, we’ll be downloading coursework on Compassion for Culture, our own and that of Others, and Learning to Celebrate vive la differénce.

By Saturday the impending Juno-Mars (Pushing the Edges) Initiation joins asteroids Apollo-Panacea (Healing) in position “2,” counting widdershins from Jupiter-North Node (Finding our Passion).  The other rays of the Fairy Star are Chariklo (Walking in Beauty), Ceres (Permanence), and Vesta-Uranus (Exposing Programming that Betrays the Soul).

The Centaur Asbolus (Intuition) joins asteroid Psyche (Soul) at the “six” position, and Asbolus is Stationary, turning Direct in early February.  Psyche-Asbolus (Self-Knowledge) is Squared by Neptune (Relationship to the Cosmos), and at their far Midpoint, Haumea (Rebirth) is Stationary, turning Retrograde at 3pm on Thursday, forming a Haumea Mjolnir (Epiphany) about our Soul’s Relationship to the Godhead.  This is a major Rebirth of our Intuition, Amplified by Haumea’s Opposition to Eris, the Bearer of Formerly Unconscious Information, which is hence Octile (Rebalancing) to both Neptune and Psyche-Asbolus.  The Haumea Station is also Quincunx to Sedna (Overcoming Fear) and Sextile to Ixion (Embracing our Hidden Genius).

This is a strongly interlocking chart, with one ray of the Fairy Star also the focus of the Quintile Yod, and another ray one foot of the Mjolnir, while Neptune anchors one foot of both the Quintile Yod and the Mjolnir.  Since the Full Moon is one ray of the Fairy Star, this puts the Sun at the Near Midpoint of both the Chariklo-Ceres Septile, and the Venus-Neptune Quintile.  So the Essence of the Full Moon is in the Fourteenth Harmonic (Integration) to Beauty and Sustainability, and the Tenth Harmonic (Abundance) to Grace and Transcendance.

A strongly interlocking chart yields One-Pointed Focus, many elements all moving toward the same Goal.  Or God Forbid, if you’re in Resistance to Letting Go of your Limits, all moving toward the same Gaol.

It will behoove us this week to be very Clear with the primary Intention we have for the rest of our Lives, so we can use our Intention to sort the chips to cash in from those we want to keep.  The Intention we’ll be most attuned to though, is the Stability-Oriented Ego’s Intention, and this is a Ring-Pass-Not that holds great potential for a massive Transformation of the Ego.  It would be Ideal if we could Intend from the posture of next week’s already Transformed Ego, but that’s next to impossible for the mind to do.

The Emotions, however, the Heart, can do it.  It’s surprisingly and delightfully simple.  What does your Ego Desire most?  What’s the One Thing that will make you so thrilled that you’d gladly go to your grave once you obtain or achieve it?   How will you Feel when you do?  Let that Feeling express your Intention.  You don’t need to name it, just Feel it.  Spend as much time as you can Enjoying that Feeling this week.

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