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Next up: Eris, turning Direct.  Here’s one way to put it that’s a lot simpler than how I usually describe things…

I’d agree completely, if we can redefine being a nervous wreck to “Gaia’s frequency went UP what feels like a whole octave.”  Why not.  But considering the long list of astroevents in our last post, it may not be that easy.

Really we’ve been enduring the equivalent of a Mercury-Jupiter-Eris astroevent, as all three have been Strong/Stationary at the same time.  That would symbolize a Huge uncovering of the previously Mysterious.  Now Mercury and Jupiter have backed off (literally), leaving us alone with Eris and her Golden Apples until half past 8am PST on 9 January, so once Jupiter started moving again, Eris stands alone for a day and a half.  Then another half-day, and next the New Moon, at half-past 5pm PST.  

Since most of us aren’t tuned to Eris, and since Eris has already done it’s Retrograde dance and we’re heading into a Confidence-Builder stage, most of us are unlikely to discern its impact.  Unless like me you have Eris prominent in your natal chart.  

During the Vietnam War I sent folks Christmas cards featuring big US bombers with open bombay doors hatching chains of bombs, lest folks in the US forgot what their patriotism really meant.  

Eris likes to be helpful by pointing out what you might be in Denial about.  If you ever wondered why folks don’t seem to like you, you might want to check to see where Eris is in your natal horoscope.  

Till we learned to hide our Truth behind our Masks and focus on the weather, or found ways to express it as a benefit.  I suppose to some extent patriotic propaganda would be expressing apparently irrepressible and limitless Human aggression as a benefit.  Or I could look in the mirror and ask whether it’s me that’s Denying irrepressible aggression.  If I could believe some of my critics I could grant that; there’s even a hint of that in my natal chart.

Problem is, Denial is a healthy psychological process, designed to keep us from being overwhelmed by something Big and Heavy, till we’re ready to deal with it.  Unfortunately, a bigger problem is that this Big Heavy lurking in the Unconscious tends to take over our Lives, and we lose Healthy Control over a lot of other things.  The adage “You can’t take it with you” isn’t true.  Many or most of us suffer from past-Life PTSD, or we wouldn’t be walking around with such self-sabotaging Held Emotions.  Good psychobabble acronym for Karma, PLTSD.  There’s probably a billable medication for it.

I dreamed this morning that two brothers were pushing their sick and dying father into the back of a station wagon or hearse.  One brother, the one that looked like Tom Cruise, got angry and started shouting and pushing.  He pushed his brother down and in the process a gun somehow went off, firing a bullet into the station wagon.  As the Tom-Cruise brother backed away looking horrified but still shouting, the second brother was on the ground, entangled and trapped in some farm machinery.  You could hear the father’s death rattle.  I couldn’t tell what brother Tom was saying, but he may have been blaming the other brother.

Probably a remnant of a few sick, supposedly funny road-rage videos I’d watched the night before, or an old Greek tragedy lost in time.

Eris at the moment is waaay out there, almost three times further away than Pluto.  Sedna is so far out that it has its own class of dwarfs, the Sednoids, to distinguish them from the Plutoids.  Sedna has an orbital period of 11,000 years, compared to Eris’s 560 years.  Yet at the moment Eris is further out than Sedna!  The further away these dwarfs are, the slower they move.  Eris has moved less than a quarter of one Degree over the past year, moving forward 1:20 Degree but backing up 1:06.  So though it’s not likely to be triggering your natal hot spots, if it does it’ll be a doozy.

It’s backed up, since July, from 23:24 of Aries to 22:18, Squaring one of my natal planets in the process, which goes a long way toward explaining a dominant theme in my Life over the last couple of years.  It’s been dancing there since 2013, and won’t get off till 2018.  Including the Retrogrades, that’s eleven crossings – we have to consider it to be one Can-Opener, nine Expositions, and one Confidence-Builder.  Since I’ve been Unconscious of this since 2013, we may as well recast it as six Can-Openers.  Now that I’m becoming Conscious of it, we can “enjoy” (relatively) the next four dramas as Expositions.

No wonder I’ve Discerned it this month; the planet of mine that Eris has been Squaring, is itself Can-Opening my Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) next week.  After catching up on my homework (this is the first time I’ve looked at the new dwarf planets relative to my natal chart), I see that the dwarf planets are Gracing me with three Can-Openers this month, as well as an intermediate Exposition of another Undiscerned long-term astro-adventure.  And they all make enormous sense.  Here’s an example.

Last week, apparently while I was working in the garden, an important key went walkabout.  When I needed it and reached for it, it wasn’t in the pocket where it was supposed to be.  It seemed unlikely that it would have slipped out of a pocket on its own, but I retraced my steps several times anyway.  I was raking leaves and scooping molehills, so if it did fall out, it could be buried in any number of places.

Of course I PIAVAed.  But guess what, I was unable to Change the Subject.  It haunted me all night.  Tapping finally helped, and a dim memory surfaced of a time when I was probably pre-teen, and my mother entrusted $5 to me and sent me to the store for some groceries.  In today’s dollars that would be closer to $50, and in our grocery budget at the time it was a lot of money.  This was pre-supermarket days, and grocery stores were small and every mile or so in the neighborhoods; ours was only a few blocks away.  

When I got to the store the $5 was nowhere to be found, and neither was any recollection of where it could have absconded to.  When I got home I was so obviously upset about it that I didn’t even get punished.  Worse than losing the equivalent of a couple of dinners, was that I lost Consciousness of what I was supposed to keep track of.  Staying Conscious was very important to me at that age, and for good reasons.

By the next afternoon (in current, key-walkabout time) I had Tapped and Let Go enough to feel more relaxed and a little more Confident in my PIAVAs, so I set out to retrace my steps again, knowing that the objective probability of finding the key was vanishingly small.  Not twenty steps from the door I came across a Lily stem on the lawn that I remembered dropping the day before and not bothering to pick up.  Which reminded me that I had cut and pulled some spent Lily stems in a couple of beds near the house – I’d forgotten I’d done that.

So I went back to check those beds, and Lo, the key was right there, gleaming away brassily on the edge of the bed.  It evidently had fallen out of my pocket, and done so at a moment when no leaves or dirt would get raked over it – or walkedabout into that bed after adventuring in who knows which Dimensions or Dementias.  Even after finding the key, for a day or so I’d catch myself thinking, “Why am I feeling depressed?”  “Oh yeah, I don’t have to feel bad any more!  Yahoo!”

The New Moon is likely to extend these Energies into the rest of January.

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