Viva la Créativité Dérangé!!

A reader points out that in their Experience, Centaur Nessus comes through more as folks “claiming what one is not entitled to” than as Male Privilege per se, as anyone can try to “claim what they aren’t entitled to.”  Of course Male Privilege is a good example of same, and relevant to the Age, but we much like this broader interpretation – and much appreciate the validation.

Some interesting Perspectives for the transition to 2016…

It’s fairly remarkable how we can go for years applying our Healing tools to many areas of our Lives but not even noticing that we don’t notice that if we wanted we could also apply them to many other ares of our Lives.  I guess that ‘s just another example of what we’ve been calling Unconscious Despair – Discouragement so deep in the Unconscious that we don’t realize that we’re dismissing the possibility of Healing.  When I counsel folks that’s often a big breakthrough, when we identify some area of their lives where they hadn’t thought to apply their many Healing tools.

When I awoke this First Morning of the New Year and began to move concentrated Attention into an area of chronic pain, I noticed that I’ve been playing Victim to Aging, and I don’t have to.  I can apply my Healing tools to that!  Like that old forehead-slapping “I coulda hadda V-8!” commercial.  That’s a Life-Changing breakthrough – Viva la créativité dérangé!!  The Medical-Pharmaceutical-Agrindustrial Cartel constantly propagandizes us with a whole bag of Archetypes like this one.

Certainty is an interesting phenomenon.  The Fundamentalists (those who Believe their metaphors of whatever sort are literal Truths) love it, mostly Unconsciously.  Here’s an interesting paragraph from Robert Moss’s Dreaming the Soul back Home (p.174)…

“You are born (which is to say, reborn) within a spiritual tradition or lineage.  You are called in dreams and visionary states to resume contact with teachers of your Order.  You may be invited to attend other schools, but you are born with one primary connection.”

My parents sent me to Sunday School, but when in high school I read about Buddhism, it was all “Well of course, how else could it be!”  I’ve certainly had Hermetic Lives, and the Kybalion in the “sacred-texts” link above speaks A Truth to me, but not The Truth.  A useful Perspective, but very Limited.  For instance, to step into Perpetual Curiosity you may ultimately need to grow beyond the Archetype of Cause and Effect.  Robert Moss again, from pp.179-180…

“I give to the fire all deep, encrusted feelings of powerlessness that drove my ancestors, our beloved men, into alcohol dependency…

“I give to the fire the great sadness of my ancestors, the abandoned men, who never knew love and felt less than honored by their women, mothers and sisters, daughters and lovers…

“In a fire ceremony like this, people bring many things they wish to release: old habits, fear or guilt, addiction or attachment.  She has just sought to release a multigenerational history of stunted lives and toxic relations.  Instead of casting out the men who blighted the lives of their women, she has asked to free them, back through the bloodlines, back through time immemorial.  She has asked for deep ancestral healing, and she has asked as a woman of power with the right of the priestess to forgive and to intercede.”

In Wild Mind Bill Plotkin advises…

“The Soul, after all, is the dimension of our human psyche that knows what’s really worth doing with our ‘one wild and precious life,’ as poet Mary Oliver puts it.  Soul holds the knowledge of what we individually were born to do and to be.  The Ego, on the other hand, knows how to get things done, to make things happen, but it doesn’t know from its own experience what to offer its life to.  The genius and beauty of the mature 3-D Ego is that it possesses the ability and creativity to real the Soul’s passions.  Indeed, the 3-D Ego is the only means by which the Soul’s desires can be consciously manifested in our world.  

“This is why so many mystical traditions speak of a love affair between Ego and Soul, the Lover and the Beloved: each possesses something the other entirely lacks and longs for.  Ego possesses the heart, hands, senses, imagination, and intelligence to manifest, but doesn’t know what’s worth manifesting; it years to know the deeply authentic purpose of the Soul.  Soul possesses the song that’s worth singing, the dance that wants to be danced, but it has no way to manifest this in the world; the Soul yearns to be made real by the Ego.  Ego is long on know-how and short on know-why; the opposite is true of the Soul.”

I tend to think of these two poles as the Inner Male and the Inner Female, for folks of any gender or proclivity, but this is also a useful Perspective.  It’s not Either/Or, it’s Both/And, and our carpetbag full of Useful Perspectives are each useful in some scenarios and not in others.  As Plotkin would agree, the mature 3-D Ego knows when to use a screwdriver and when to use a hammer, except when gripped by an Archetype like Aging or Ancestry.  And of course Plotkin is writing from the Perspective that it’s Materiality thats “Real” rather than Energy.  Which Perspective is a not-uncommon Archetype that would likely give pause to few of his readers, unless they’ve read Muktananda or Plato.

We can compare to Moss’s p.169…

“In your open heart, you feel a great longing.  It is the longing to be with the Beloved of your soul, the one who loves you with unconditional love, who will guide you and protect you and will never judge you.  This longing is beyond the longing for a soul mate in your physical world, though if you are very blessed you may have – or may find – a partner who can embody part of what you are seeking now.

“In your heart, you long for the soul of your soul.  It is beyond you, but it is part of your Greater Self.  It has sought you in dreams, though you may not have recognized what it was behind the many masks and costumes it has used, adapted to your level of understanding.  You may have dreamed you were on the way to a wedding, and wakened mystified, not understanding … that you were being invited to unite with a larger Self. … Perhaps you ran away, in a dream, from what you thought was an alien, not grasping that what may be most alien to the little self is the Greater Self.”

I like that part about “adapted to your level of understanding” – as we’ve often applied to our Mission.  We pretty much see our Mission as these Soul Energies dropped into our Timeline, one underlying metaphor for the Lifetime, and many variations “adapted to our then-level of understanding” as we move through a Life.  Is it Buddhist, or is it Arcturian?  To Moss, the Heart Chakra is the Physio-Energic locus of the gateway to Plotkin’s Soul and of our Inner Female.

Lightlover has an interesting observation in the link above …

Volunteers “anchor in the EVOLUTIONARY SOURCE ENERGIES, acting as transformers so that the energies can be assimilated into the grids and NOT affect the holographic matrices, causing major geoeffective catastrophic changes.

“So ascension can occur without catastrophic results.

“This allows for those souls that wish to experience ascension unconsciously to continue to do so without disruption in their reality hologram.

“Volunteers follow the Universal Law of Non-Interference, ONLY anchoring the energies into the chosen holographic reality.”

Gene Roddenberry would approve, though giving up Aging could eventually have catastrophic results, unless Elon rescues us.  As I’ve often said, this is what we came here to do; the Forgetting has always been part of the plan, so we truly Experience what it is that we’re Healing.

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