I want to recommend again the series of internet interviews that we mentioned in our Gut Healing post, https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2015/12/23/gut-healing/ .  When you sign up, at…


they send you four downloadable interview transcripts.  I’ve only read one of them so far, the interview with Dr. Axe (sic), but it’s fantastic.  I highly recommend that to everyone.  He left out two critical facts.  GMO foods are crafted so as to be immune to a potent weed-killer, Glyphosate.  Glyphosate saturation in GMO foods may be far worse for our health than the genetic manipulation itself.  Dr. Axe’s first recommendation for healing is to stay away from antibiotics – and Glyphosate is an FDA-approved antibiotic.  

The bad news is that Glyphosate is used on many if not most non-leafy-green non-organic foods, usually just before harvest, as it’s a desiccant that causes the plant to die quickly, making the seeds or fruits easier to harvest.  There’s a strong chance your neighbor uses it on his lawn, as it kills all broadleaf plants.  So the second critical fact is that to heal gut issues you have to eat 100% organic.  Nit-picky, label-reading, 100% organic.

Now, note that most non-gluten packaged foods are not organic!  So in the effort to avoid gluten you may be drowning your gut microbiome in Glyphosate instead.  Oats have no gluten, but they’re usually processed on equipment that processes gluten-containing foods, so they’re contaminated.  When you see non-gluten Oats, they’re processed on machinery that’s never seen wheat or barley.  I react to gluten.  But I can’t eat the most popular brand of non-gluten Oats – while I can eat the organic Oats in that brand – it’s the Glyphosate.

Finally, hurrah, hurrah, we’re beginning to see organic and non-gluten.  For instance, check out…


And their breads are delicious!  They’re regional, but they ship all over the US, and the packaging is robust enough that the bread will endure that just fine.  Here’s another organic gluten-free pioneer…


I haven’t tried their Chocolate cookies, but their Sour Cherry cookies are great (the Fig cookies are alas too dry).

  ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ  

Here’s a little different perspective on the Light and Darkness issues we presented in our Yintegrity and Inanna post, https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2015/12/24/yintegrity-and-inanna/ , from California Craniosacral Therapist and Energy Healer Jim Gilkeson at https://jimgilkeson.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/where-have-all-the-healers-gone-2/

“The First Noble Truth of Buddhism is that suffering is here to stay; it is part of the human condition.  In the face of this, the archetype of the Wounded Healer might give us some direction in this question of who is a healer.  

“To me, it looks like this: the Wounded Healer is the one who has embraced a fundamental paradox of healing: that we are not healed from our wounds, but rather in our woundedness.  

“The idea here is that a true healer uses her own wounds, her own confusion, pathology and illusions as her starting point.  Through her own suffering, she makes common cause with the suffering of the world.

“As a result, the wounded healer understands that she is operating in a world that is essentially unhealable.  But she also understands that there is plenty of surplus, unnecessary suffering, which is healable.  Examples of surplus suffering would be AIDS and other epidemics, genocide and torture, because they arise mostly out of human choice and ignorance.  While the fundamental problem of suffering is a given, we can use our skills to reduce surplus suffering.

“Another way to express this paradox is that when we locate what is ultimately unhealable, we get our direction.  Look at the worst thing you can imagine.  Look at what has wounded you most deeply.  The darkness you have encountered sooner or later enables you to become a guide to others who are in darkness.  The wound you have becomes the source of what you have to give.”

“Seen archetypically, a musician is a ‘servant of the muse,’ a willing vessel for the spirit of music.  A visionary artist is likewise one who is a servant of an archetypal force.  We can see this in the talented leader, teacher, minister, doctor.  Find the wisest, most dedicated of them, question them deeply and they will probably tell you that they have found a way to be vessels for something larger than they are, and in a sense, they are serving the spirit of their calling.

“Why not consider ‘healer’ from this angle? . . . as a servant of the spirit of healing, a spirit present in all of us and throughout all of life, present in the way your skin heals when you cut yourself, present in the way our bodies and emotions and spirits find a way to mend themselves, a spirit akin to the push of nature every spring.”

Interesting that the interviewer talks about Dr. Axe’s credentials as what Jim would call a Wounded Healer.

Which inevitably brings us to Chiron, which is Unx to the Uranus that’s Stationary as we write.

In my experience, it’s the Witnessing, the stepping outside of one’s Suffering and looking back at oneself with Empathy that creates the shift from Woundedness to Healing.  As Einstein said, more or less, we cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that postulated the problem.  As with astrological Squares, an unsolvable problem remains unsolvable till one shifts one’s perspective, till one invites the Cognitive Dissonance that Castaneda spoke of.  I’m always reminded of the old Xerox advertisement, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVpuwa5nnm4 .

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