Wizard’s Hat

A reader asks…

“What would a pattern of

  • Sun biseptile Jupiter biseptile Chiron triseptile Sun

be called, particularly with

  • Jupiter at the focus of a yod with Mars and Juno,
  • a golden yod with Venus and Lilith, and a
  • Thor’s hammer with Neptune and Moon/Pholus …

particularly in the context of recognizing that astrology of half a century ago would not have seen natal Jupiter in Cancer un-(major)-aspected as terribly relevant to a double Libra  — ha!  … and this one having been ignoring Jupiter for 50 years  — double ha!  So curiosity and responsibility about consciously integrating that principle makes a lot of sense, and the conceptual framework you offer of PIAVA in service of conscious responsibility of dynamic balance of Yintegrity and Yangtegrity seems entirely appropriate to that exploration.”

Well, I’d call it a Wizard’s Hat…


Defined as a Yod, a Quintile or Golden Yod, a Septile Yod, and a Mjolnir, all focusing on the same planet.

And my jaw would still be flapping in the wind!  What a Focus!  

I’ve been looking for a calendar year with Jupiter in Cancer, Sun in Libra, Neptune in Scorpio-Sagittarius, and Chiron in Pisces-Aries, though, and I’m not finding any – granted that my search capabilities are fairly primitive.  Would you be willing to add another comment with a birth year (which I won’t publish), so I can look at an estimate of the whole chart?

With a Jupiter Wizard’s Hat I’d look first for a very strong Saturn in the chart, or many Earth Signs (by my reckoning none of the planets in the list above would be in Earth Signs), to facilitate Grounding; a Jupiter Wizard’s Hat by itself would encourage Expansion to an extreme degree.  And I’d look for planets in Fixed Signs, and the positions of Pluto and Pallas, to help provide some sense of Self, because such a Strong Jupiter in Cancer, abetted by Sun in Libra and possibly Moon in Pisces (and Squaring Neptune), would by itself create a crippling degree of Empathy.  Without Grounding and a strong sense of Self, candidacy for Sainthood or Martyrdom might be more likely than healthy Self-Care.

As for the astrology of fifty years ago, you’re right, I don’t know of anyone who was paying much Attention then to the “minor” Angles, or to the likes of Juno, Lilith, Pholus, or even Chiron.  The first Ephemeris of the four major asteroids that I encountered was copyrighted in 1977, and the first Tables of Chiron’s path in 1989 by Al Morrison.  To my knowledge the first Ephemeris of Lilith didn’t appear till Demetra George’s book in 1994.  And the first Tables of Pholus that I know of, by Robert von Heeren, was copyrighted in 2001.  Rudhyar was paying Attention to interplanetary Cycles and Angles fifty years ago, but without the “minor” planets the only Configuration that would have been visible then would have been the Mjolnir or Thor’s Hammer, and not many folks would have been paying much nevermind to those.

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