The Avocado Seed

If you’ve seen an Avocado seed sprout, you know how they split into two very solid Half-Spheres.  Like Isaiah 24.  Delores Cannon and others have advised that the Earth will split in two as well.  If we are tripped right off the cliff as the 1% complete their TPP/TTIP coup to eliminate civil government and replace it with corporate sovereignty, and finish propagandizing the rest of us to worship the God of Quarterly Profit too, will there be another Half-Sphere that we can jump to, the way at the last minute Indiana Jones or James Bond would have?  Or an Ascension like the license plate brackets “In the event of Rapture this car will be unmanned”?

A characteristic of Neptune, recall, is that Confusion reigns when we see through Avocado Eyes, but Clarity when we use our Third Eye.  The Third Eye reads Energy rather than Matter, reading the Wave-Partical Duality.  If we look at the Shimmering rather than the hologram of the Shimmering, can the Energy split into two Waves, like the Tibetan Monks singing two notes at once…

Unless we study with Bryan ( or Drunvalo ( or Delores ( or Gene ( or the like, or remember how we got here, we don’t have the conceptual framework to understand how to translate from Matter to Energy.

Nevertheless, we need to do the best we can to try to imagine it (thanks to Soulspeak for the link)…

It’s a fundamental part of our “Cognitive Dissonance” Both/And practice – in order to keep our brain from ossifying, we practice holding Mutually Contradictory Perspectives at the same time.  It also helps to keep our Perspective from sinking into Fundamentalism, where we Believe our metaphors are literally True rather than useful descriptions.  If you know nothing more than the electromagnetic spectrum, you understand how incredibly limited Huper perception is, and you can’t help but understand that ALL mental descriptions are metaphors.

Of course we all hold Mutually Contradictory Perspectives, but most of them are Unconscious.  How else could someone call themselves “Christian” while spouting Hate and Fear?  Bringing our own personal Mutually Contradictory Perspectives into Consciousness is how we reduce Self-Sabotage.  But it also behooves to seek new Mutually Contradictory Perspectives beyond our usual domains.  The more Perspectives we can learn and maintain, the better our chances of staying Grounded and Present and being able to Respond instead of Reacting, no matter how strange the Avocado gets.

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