Orcus III

By now we’re only several hours from the Orcus Station.  In our first two installments on Orcus, looking at the two most prominent “layers” of Orcus’s Personality, or Plutoidality, we found first a focus on Yintegrity versus Yangtegrity the latter maintained by a threat of Punishment, then second a Challenge to Integrate them.  In the third layer we find Confusion over Fear and Grief – appropriate for the recent events, and a strong suggestion for Healing it.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune (Confusion par excellence) heads a T-Square across the Nodes, with Hylonome (Grief and Identity Crisis) Stationary on the South Node, and Sedna (Actions Taken out of Fear) on the North Node.

Centaur Hylonome on the South Node tells us that we have Ego-Identified with an Entity out of our Karmic Past, and we now have the Choice to either deepen the Identification or Let Go of it.  That suggests a couple of questions for self-examination.  Who are we Unconsciously Empathizing with here?  When have we Experienced Grief similar to this?  Do we Feel any Liberation when we Lovingly and Gently Witness that possibly-unresolved historical Grief?

Dwarf planet Sedna on the North Node begs us to become Conscious of our Fear and Anger Reactions, Embrace them as Emotions rather than calls to Action, and once we’re Grounded, evaluate the situation more dispassionately, so we can Respond rather than React.  Reaction Unconsciously focuses on righting Past transgressions, while Response Consciously attempts to manipulate the Future.  It’s important to notice that we can be dispassionate while still fully supporting our Values; in fact, we’re likely to be more effective at supporting them.

All of which reminds us that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  The Red Flag here is Blame.  Blame is a dead-end alley, and if we revert to Blame when the Nodes are involved, we freeze and deepen our Stuck places.  Blame looks to the Past with the objective of assigning Cause.  The alternative is Responsibility, which looks to the Future with the intention of improving Outcomes.

The Nodal Opposition is Trine-Bridged by the Conjunction of Jupiter and Makemake, which yields a Major Tricolor on the Square from Mercury-Neptune to Sedna-North Node.  Jupiter-Makemake is also the head of a Finger of God.  The base of the Finger of God is a Sextile from Mercury-Neptune to Eris, forming a Minor Tricolor on the Square from Mercury-Neptune to Hylonome-South Node.  Eris in turn Trines Quaoar, which also Sextiles Mercury-Neptune.  The Mythological Quaoar was a Law-Giver, not for the sake of Control, but for the sake of Survival.  Quaoar told the people when to sow and how to reap, lest they go back to eating clay, which is what they ate before Quaoar taught them how to collaborate with the Plants and Animal Peoples.

The Suggestion for Healing our YintegrityYangtegrity Conflicts so we can Act without Self-Sabotage and Stand in Confidence, is that we Focus our Attention on What We Are Manifesting, or What We Would Like to Create.  That would involve Projecting our own Thoughts and Emotions into the Future, and Asking whether they would help or hinder the Creation of the sort of World that we would like to Live in.  

The other part of the Suggestion for Healing is that we invoke our Permanent Curiosity around this.  We would PIAVA, How am I contributing to the Outcomes I don’t Want?  Not to seek an Answer (though we needn’t reject Insights), but to follow the PIAVA guidelines (https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/category/manifestation/piava/) of Changing the Subject, and Paying Attention.  When we receive an Insight, we reissue our PIAVA, recognizing that this isn’t a one-time question, but a Life-Long issue, and one where our Survival as a species is at stake.

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