Orcus I

So yes, if we promise Mom and Dad we’ll never do that again, but we slip up and let it happen, then you bet we’ll get Punished.  For the Etruscans, who brought us the Mythological Orcus, it probably wasn’t so much Mom and Dad, as Allegiance to the Etruscan League – which was pretty much under constant seige by its neighbors.  

And we all, except for the Newcomers, have Adventures like that in our Karmic portfolio, where if we wanted to Survive we had to Swear Allegiance to one Warlord or another.  Even the Newcomers probably got it in their preparatory Simulations.  We can Witness the same Drama being set up again in the US this week, as the propaganda machine creates another Either/Or where “You’re either with us or against us.”

This is the primary Mastery through Challenge influence in the Orcus “Discovery” chart, as Orcus – which we can read as Obedience to our Oaths or simply Yangtegrity (Doing what we said we would do) – Opposes a Conjunction of 2007 OR10 with the Sun.  So the basic Second-Harmonic or Opposition issue (Contradistinction) is Self-Control, as OR10 represents irruptions from the Unconscious, which are always a constant threat to Yangtegrity.  And the Second Harmonic itself – symbolized by the Priestess – is all about defending a Dogma.  Or not.  

The Opposition is T-Squared by a Stationary (Strong) Pholus, symbolizing Responsibility.  So the Challenge is basically “Who ya gonna call?”  Are we going to Trust our own Instincts (the irruptions), or our Oaths.  The Contradistinction is heightened by Uranus (our Soul Urge, or Yintegrity, which means Doing what we damn well Feel like doing moment to moment, aka Trusting our Intuition) Conjoining Sun-OR10 – setting up a classic Yangtegrity versus Yintegrity Conflict, with Responsibility – Maturity, our Cultural Burden – making the Choices.  Right out of Lord of the Flies.  

I mean, who among us didn’t grow up with these kind of Choices always front and center.  If our natal Saturn or Neptune wasn’t Stationary, anyway.

But remember, a T-Square by our reckoning stands for Mastery through Challenge.  So we don’t emphasize the Conflict in a T-Square, we emphasize our vast Experience with the Conflict.  Consequently we advocate that we Witness and Empathize with the enduring and ongoing Trauma that the Challenge has given us, while shifting our mental attitude from being a Victim of the Conflict, to acknowledging that we’ve dealt with this sort of Conflict so often that we are actually Masters of it.  That’s not what it Feels like, but when we assess it objectively, that’s what it is.

It’s a very clear Choice – do we take a step in the direction of Freedom (Yintegrity), or do we continue in Slavery (Yangtegrity).  Or, put the other way, do we take a step in the direction of Responsibility (Yangtegrity), or do we continue towards Anarchy (Yintegrity).  Well, with the Uranus-Pluto Cycle at the Waxing Square stage, we would suggest that moving toward Yintegrity is a step toward Flowing with the Zeitgeist.  But it’s not quite that simple.

We also need to redefine Responsibility.  It means Being Able to Respond, and in a strong sense, Being Able to Respond rather than React.  Where is our Fulcrum?  Do we almost always move toward Yangtegrity, or toward Yintegrity?  Do we weigh each circumstance and make a Conscious Decision about which way to move?  Do we make such a Decision with the mind, or with the Heart, or the Belly?  Recognizing that the mind will probably lean toward Yangtegrity, while the Heart and Belly will probably lean toward Yintegrity.

So this primary layer of the Orcus Discovery chart is about “Growing Up,” but not in the sense of Choosing Yangtegrity over Yintegrity, as most of were made to believe Growing Up meant – most of our schoolteachers leaned toward Yangtegrity after all, or they wouldn’t me schoolteachers.  Growing Up in the sense of Taking Full Responsibility to get Conscious of and Challenge our automatic Reactions, so we can make situationally appropriate Decisions about when to support our Liberation directly, and when we can afford to lose a battle in order to win the War.

So we can see Orcus to be about Decision points, Tripping Points.  Do we bite the propaganda bait and Live in Fear and Hatred and Us Versus Them, or do we Trust that the World is moving toward actually Looking in the Mirror and Taking Responsibility for the Reflections of our own Shadows, realizing that Them is actually Us and that we actually have Nothing to Fear except Hatred itself.  Who, after all, is the Arms Merchant to the World?

As Elizabeth points out, we’ve often maintained that the strongest chart is one combining Much Energy and Motivation, with Much Grace.  In this first layer of the Orcus Discovery chart, the Pholus T-Square qualifies as Much Energy.  Is there Much Grace?   Yes, a fat Grand Trine, with Orcus itself the corner shared by the T-Square and the Grand Trine.  The other two planets in the Grand Trine are Pluto (the Mandatory) and Eris (Revelation of Denial), heavy hitters!  

So the Grace arises from Paying Attention to the Punishment and Paying Attention to what we’re Denying, or rather, since that’s an oxymoron, PIAVAing that we become Aware of what we’re Denying.  Whether we ultimately step toward Yang or toward Yin, we want to Pay Attention to the threat of Punishment, preferably by Witnessing it and Empathizing with our Victim of it – Present-Moment, historical, and herstorical.  Historical means “What happened?”  Herstorical means “How did that Feel?”  Present-Moment means “Where are the scars?”

Another element in the chart is a Quincunx Bridge across the Opposition, formed by a Moon-Nessus Conjunction.

Which introduces another prominent Question – what is this teaching us about the Patriarchy?  That’s not a Question we want to Answer, it’s one we want to hold as a Perpetual Curiosity.  It’s no secret that Yangtegrity is what maintains the Patriarchy, and that the Patriarchy is overdue for a decline, as Yintegrity rises in prominence.  If your Karma runs through Jeanne d’Arc, after Empathizing with your Punished Victim you may well Choose Yintegrity even if you’re Risking Punishment again.  

Which brings us to another Complexity – the Oath may not be your own.  As a member of a Tribe or Commune or Gender or Nationality you may be assumed by your compatriots to have sworn such an Oath.  You could then be Punished by a different Tribe or Gender or Commune or Nationality for your assumed Oath, or punished by your own Tribe or Gender or Nationality or Commune if you’re caught betraying the Oath you never made.  Or both.  Justice is usually spelled JustUs.  The correspondence of the Oath with the Flag reminds us that the Flag is turning into an Eagle which is turning into a Chanticleer Heralding the Light.

The Yangtegrity view that Yintegrity is akin to Anarchy is another propaganda wall that must be breached as Yintegrity waxes.  If you’re watching Football or Futbol, you know that one of the most critical skills a player can have, is knowing when to be unerringly steady to his or her appointed role, and when to step outside of that role to cover a teammate or take advantage of an opportunity.  These are very Yang games, yet it’s often Yintegrity that creates temporary heroism.

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