Wanna and Genius

Reader alchemist0310 suggests, 

“I’m feeling this Orcus to be in sync with some pathological genius?”

Which would make sense; a common childhood process is that we express our Genius, and it gets labeled as unacceptable by our Betters because it’s not in the Standard Playbook, leaving us with a Semi-Conscious Belief that it’s Pathological.  And then, to avoid ongoing Punishment or Admonition or Shaming or Rejection or Abduction or all of the above, or worse, we make an Oath of some sort never to show that part of ourself again.  An Oath is required because our Pathological Genius is an irrepressible part of our Unconscious Self, of our Yintegrity, and great Effort is required to bring it into Consciousness in order to suppress it.  Making an Oath is an admission that we can’t control it on our own, we need Outside Spiritual Intervention.

This is the Spiritual Function of the Negative – it casts the Positive into the Light, bringing it out of the background.  Growth in Consciousness does not occur by Discovery, it occurs by Differentiation, as what was formerly indistinguishable from background becomes evident as Separate.  Like trying to discern an unmoving Tiger in dappled Sunlight.  Since we can’t help but take our Pathological Genius for granted – it is not Separate from us, but Integral to us – when someone tells us it’s Good, we can’t tell whether they’re just trying to flatter us.  Or, if we know how Good it is, we Recognize them as someone who Recognizes us, and wonder why the rest of the Pink Animals don’t know how to appreciate us.  Either way, its Journey into Consciousness is not always assured.  Unmolding it as Negative will bring it into Consciousness more reliably.

Which Clarifies our task: find the places where we were Punished or Admonished or Shamed or Rejected or all of the above, or worse, and turn them on their heads.  If we could upset someone that much, it must have been Good!  Chances are, this thread could also lead you to your Mission, your Passion, your Wannas, and your Liberation.  What was it we were Punished or Admonished or Shamed or Rejected for?  Witness your current-moment Aversion to it, which may be very subtle.  Embrace your Aversion.  You will likely have work to do Empathizing with your Oath and the need for it, before you begin Recovering the Genius hidden beneath it.  

If you get to a place where “You’d rather die than re-experience that,” consider it to be consummate Success; that’s probably exactly how you Felt when you were motivated to make an Oath to repress yourself.  Be very Loving with your current-moment and historical Selves in those places.  You may need to remember many times to step outside of the Pain so you can Witness it.  You may be able to move through the process quickly by alternating between Surrendering deeply into the Pain, and stepping outside of yourself to Witness it.

The Moon is crossing Orcus as we write this, as they both Oppose Neptune and T-Square Saturn.  

Traditional astrology, and traditional Culture, regard the Status Quo as Sacred, and potential Disruptions to it as Breakdowns, rather than Breakthroughs.  Most of us were programmed the same way.  We aren’t used to seeing the Opportunities in Change.  Shift into that Perspective, and your Life will be very different.  Of course you want to PIAVA that your Shift be Loving and Gentle.


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  4. fraveilve Says:

    Very much reminded here of a book called Wild Mind: A Field Guide To The Human Psyche by Bill Plotkin, and his extended metaphor of welcoming home one’s Loyal Soldier subpersonalities with honour before giving them another mission … His model is almost orthagonal to astrological awareness, but building on the nature-aware Medicine Wheel cosmologies of indigenous Turtle Island cultures it offers ways of modelling aspects of psyche in process and paradox that seem very consonant with what you are saying here.

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