Well, had I known in advance, I certainly would have warned youalls about the Chiron Station last Friday.  Grandtrines (https://grandtrines.wordpress.com/) had to remind me.  Another opportunity NOT to re-grasp our Old Bummers as they try to fly out of our ears, and another reminder that we grasp our Karma, not the other way around.  Have you noticed that Change is in the air even more than it has been lately?  I find these daily readings to be useful…


Here’s another picture of it…

My own experience hasn’t been as dramatic, but it’s certainly been interesting.  A couple weeks ago the computer on which I do most of my astrology crashed.  I tried several interventions, but none worked.  Meanwhile, it’s going on Thanksgiving in the USofA, where nothing much gets done, so I didn’t even try to call in the pros.  Big storm last week, power out for a while – computers go down and don’t restart on their own.  

Then a couple nights ago, Ganeshi, the Hindu Remover of Obstacles, was all over my napitations.  So I Asked Ganeshi to Remove All Obstacles between me and my computer working again.  The next day it occurs to me while thinking about how to navigate a repair to the computer, that I should retry those initial interventions again before rebooting the computer.  Voila, we’re back in business!

I don’t know which day they found this Diamond on, but they announced it on November 18.  It’s the second-largest natural Diamond ever discovered.  The weight?  1111 carats.  “Coincidences” galore…


Dr. Kim has said this before, but this is a particularly skillful presentation…


 Illustrating the principle that Mind, Body, Emotion, Spirit, Energy are not different “segments” of Reality, but different Perspectives on Reality.  Like Linear Time and the necessity of Competition, the Segmentation view is just a mass hypnosis.  A single episode of Instantaneous Healing disproves the Segmentation principle.  Until you ditch your Segmentation Beliefs, you won’t Believe Instantaneous Healing even when it slaps you upside the head, and you’ll Revert.  Here’s a remedial exercise…


 You could even Ask Ganeshi to Remove All of the Obstacles between yourself and Instantaneous Healing, though you’d also want to be sure to Ask for a Gentle and Loving Release of All the Obstacles, lest your Reality pixelate.  The Veil is thinning after all.  Carol Look will help…


If you’ve gotten this far, here’s an Instantaneous Healing story from Robert Moss’s Dreaming the Soul Back Home (pp.116-7), with a few small changes just to make the story flow in shorter form…

” ‘I don’t know what I’m doing here,’ an attendee declared early in one of my [Dreaming] workshops in France.  ‘I’m not a dreamer.  I haven’t remembered any dreams since I was seven years old.’  

“In the intimacy of a small group she told us that when she was seven, she dreamed that a hand came from behind a curtain, offering her chocolate.  She loved chocolate, but she was terrified by the disembodied hand.  She woke up screaming.  Her parents did what adults so often do out of ignorance.  They told her to forget the dream – ‘It’s just a dream’ – and go back to sleep.

“She could not forget, so (good Catholic girl) she prayed to Jesus and Mary and all the Saints never to dream again.  

“It seemed her prayers were answered.  She now agreed, bravely, that she would try to re-enter the ‘old’ dream with a firm and clear intention: she wanted to open the curtain and see who was behind it.  The group members, including me, would go with her during a drumming session, as companions on the road and to act as bodyguards if she ran into anything nasty.

“Our bodyguard services were not required.  At the end of the drumming, she was jubilant and astonished.  She had found a being of radiant light behind the curtain [who turned out to be a compassionate friend of her father’s who had been a good friend to her in her youth].  

“He apologized for having frightened her in the dream of long ago.  He had been killed in a car accident shortly before her dream.  His face had been disfigured, and he had not wanted to frighten her by appearing to her as he looked after the crash, so he had veiled his face with the curtain.”

It’s always hard to know in advance what’s behind the Veil, but it’s usually not nearly as nasty as we imagine it to be, and even when it is, once we remember that it’s not Present Moment, the nastiness is short-lived.  Notice the Oath, in this case a fervent Prayer.  This short-lived Regression into nastiness, and/or our Fear of it, is the “Punishment” that Orcus metes out to Oath-Breakers.  We’ll look at the Orcus “Discovery” chart next.

3 Responses to “Wanna”

  1. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines and commented: Thanks for the mention! And thanks for a great parable about the computer problems. I wonder if the ancient mystics had problems re-booting their crystal balls?

  2. astrobuss Says:

    You’re welcome; I much appreciate your blogs! And you bet the ancients had problems rebooting their Crystals; we still do. The wise ones tell us that Rock Salt is too strong for today’s fine vibration, we’re better off using Moonlight or Sunlight or, in some cases, burying a Crystal in soft Earth for a while! Contamination by Expectation is always ready to cloud a Reading or Healing.

  3. alchemist0310 Says:

    Stunning look at both computers and crystals, alike… and yes. Yes, Robert Moss and his student sharing wisdom. That is beautiful. Glad you are up and “running”, the sharing to all of us.ins :) as to the “process”!… I’m feeling this Orcus to be in sync (not the bad boy band :/ ) with some pathological genius? Perhaps. hmmmmm. It’s ok though, Robert Moss told us the recipe on “how to do this…”… just need to not be afraid to “look behind the curtain”!!

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