My astrological experience tells me that, once an astroevent has peaked, it’s influence wanes quickly, unless we’ve made decisions that freeze it.  More on that exception in a minute.  So, we’re past the Nessus and Vesta Stations, and the Energy should be leveling off.  But it’s not.  It feels like Time has been rolled up into a ball, like a ball of yarn, and tossed onto the floor for the Cosmic Kitten to play with.  Snippets of memory, not traumatic, but not pleasant – situations where it’s really easy to think of better possible outcomes – are streaming through like Netflix Unplugged, and we’re using our Big Wet Eraser a lot.  Here’s another good alternative, by the way…


Of course it’s possible that astrology is changing too, since everything else is.  But Neptune is Stationary (Strong) in a few days, and dwarf planet 2007 OR10 is also Stationary the day after that, so we can easily put the astroblame for Cosmokitten’s hi-jinx on those two Stations.

When Neptune is Stationary, there are two important things to remember…

  • Karma is Inertia, not Retribution.  Karma does not grip us, we grip Karma.  When a bummer we recognize well arises, we aren’t likely to Habitually “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” (Or use our Big Wet Eraser).  We’re more likely to indulge our Victim.  We have the Choice, we can either Let that old bummer Go, or we can grab it again.  Most of us prefer old bummers to new Unknowns, so we continue to Choose our Victimhood.
  • If your approach to the World is Materialistic, Neptune will Manifest as Confusion.  If your approach to the World is Spiritual, Neptune will Manifest as Clarity.  Confusion of course is the first stage of Growth in Consciousness, as it’s what happens when your old Rigidities start to get fuzzy around the Edges.  Neptune symbolizes everything larger than our Self, so of course when it’s lit up it will threaten our current Ego.

Even when we remember to Erase, when Cosmokitten bats the yarnball this way and that and the Challenges come fast and furious, each separate Challenge is anew.  And with each Challenge we regress, and usually forget all of our current-moment tools for Letting Go.

Now, once an astroevent has peaked, it’s influence wanes quickly, unless we’ve made decisions that freeze it.  Suppose we’re scheduled to Let Go of obsolete Unconscious Beliefs about Separation.  If that’s the case, then it would be appropriate for examples of our Belief to be up in our face, along with Conscious or Unconscious flashbacks to the origins of our Belief.  The origin of an Unconscious Belief about Separation may have been an Outrageous Act on the part of Other, which inspired us to make an Oath never to Trust that Other again.  If our flashback is still Unconscious, we’re highly likely to renew that Oath.  If we’re Conscious enough about what’s going down to be able to stay in the Present Moment and Witness our former Outrage and our flashback to it, we may be able to Let Go of our old Oath instead.  Old, Unconscious Oaths become Limiting Beliefs which result in Self-Sabotage.  Letting Go of old Oaths Liberates us.

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