Rain Mixed with Showers

Or Fear mixed with Insecurity.  As we’ve been writing about, there are plenty of astrological reasons why we might make such a forecast.  Then there’s the 11/11 itself, which I don’t pretend to know much about.  But we can certainly talk about the natural Anxiety that arises whenever we enter the Unknown, which we certainly seem to be doing.

The Most Important Thing about Anxiety or Discouragement is Discernment, Witnessing, Consciousness – the name doesn’t matter, what matters is how soon you Recognize Anxiety and Discouragement for what they are – Emotions that will trigger your Negative Thoughts.  It doesn’t even need to be your Anxiety – it could be Discouragement floating in on the airwaves from the neighbors, or from the News Hour – anybody’s Fear will trigger your Negative Thoughts.  The sooner we Notice that we’re in Anxiety or Discouragement, the sooner we can stop the hyperloop of Negative Thoughts triggering more Emotion triggering more Negative Thoughts – ad infinitum.

We’ve talked about lots of ways to stop the hyperloop.  Yesterday’s link to Dr. Kim’s website will lead you to a treasure-chest of them.  Just a few of my favorites include…

  • “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade”
  • Grounding
  • Running your Energy
  • Tapping
  • PIAVA what you Want
  • (and Convert your Yes-Buts into Yes-Ands)

Anxiety Loves Yes-Buts.  

“I Want ample income!”  

Yes-But you’re an Introvert, so how’s that going to happen?  

Oh, okay.  

“I Want ample income AND the Freedom to be my natural self.”  

Wow, doesn’t that put Fear of the Unknown into the Belly.  Which is where it belongs.  In the Belly, not the Thoughts.  Where do your Thoughts happen?  Noticing where in your Body the Action is occurring is a powerful Habit to develop.  Once you’re in your Belly, you can krap, ground, and Tap.  Use the “Categories” list in the column to the right if you don’t recognize a term, like “Tapping” or “PIAVA.”  If you don’t find it, leave a Comment.

Confusion between Negative Thoughts and “negative” Emotions is probably the best place to go astray around what we Want to Manifest and what we do Manifest.  There are no “negative” Emotions, only uncomfortable Emotions.  “You poor Sweetheart, that Feels awful doesn’t it.”  All Emotions need a Gentle and Loving Response.  “You poor Sweetheart, it’s hard to hold that Joy for very long, isn’t it.”  Emotion, when it’s “raw” and not yet twisted out of proportion by Thoughts, is the doorway to your Instincts.  Emotion happens in your Body.  If you’re thinking that you’re Angry or Scared, you’re not in your Body.  “You poor Sweetheart, you aren’t in the Habit of checking in with your Body, are you.”

It’s 11/11 all day.

The New Moon occurs at 10am PST ( http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst10.htm ) on 11 November (today).  It will light up any natal planets you have close to 20 Degrees of the Fixed Signs – Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Taurus.

The Nessus Station is scheduled for 10am PST on 12 November.  It will trigger your natal planets near the Mutable Cusps – the last few Degrees of the Fixed Signs and the first few Degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo, the Mutable Signs.

The Vesta Station happens at 10am PST on 13 November.  Your natal planets around the Cardinal Cusps – the last few degrees of the Mutable Signs and the first few degrees of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra – the Cardinal Signs.

The Neptune Station (Confusion) isn’t at the top of the list, but only because it’s drowned out by the more prominent events.  It’ll get obvious as soon as we get past the Vesta Station, and increase in intensity till 9am PST ( http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst9.htm ) on 18 November.

Same for the 2007 OR10 Station (Bringing our Limiting Beliefs into Consciousness), which occurs at 5pm PST ( http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pst17.htm ) on 19 November.

The Neptune Station will heat up any issues you have around your natal planets within a few Degrees of 8 Degrees of the Mutable Signs, and the OR10 Station will do the same for your natals near 3 Degrees of the Mutable Signs.

Putting all this together, the first Decanate of Pisces is pretty Lit Up this week and next.  The first Decanate of Pisces is about…

Any Unfinished Business or Emotional Baggage that we no longer need will be in our face.  If you aren’t Freaked Out, Congratulations, your Karma could be fairly clear, though you never know what yet more subtle levels will make themselves available for you to Embrace.  With Saturn in Sagittarius, our first approach should always be Letting Go.  If four or five iterations of Letting Go don’t work, then move into the center of the Pain.  “You poor Sweetheart, that feels awful, doesn’t it.”  

Take the Space you need to Heal.  Strong Emotions can shatter the Ego, and when the Ego is shattered, anything you try to do in the outside World will just mirror the shattering.  Go inside and Empathize with your shattered Self first.  There is a natural glue there – all you need to do is put your arms around ALL of yourself, gently squeeze, and hold on for long enough for the glue to cure.  You can rock yourself Gently if it helps, and whisper sweet nothings.

Today we can join a billion Hindus and help celebrate Lakshmi’s Birthday.  Lakshmi offers us Abundance – Having Enough to Share.  Her Dynamic Alter-Ego Ganeshi is the Remover of Obstacles.  Great sources of Support for us!  When you Let Go, Let Ganeshi remove any Obstacles between you and Bliss, and Let Lakshmi shower you with an Abundance of whatever you need.

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