Always Finding Out

Curiosity; Wer immer neugierig sich bemüht, Den können wir erlösen.  Soulspeak has introduced us to…

This is an important Perspective.  Lots of Entities and 4D things (3D and Time) jumping around hereabouts as well, and sometimes difficult to get Grounded.  If we aren’t aware of this Perspective, the Loss of the Veil could easily freak us out.

Loss of the Veil, recall, was forelightened by the 1/1/2000 Neptune-South Node Conjunction (4 Aquarius, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers“).  The South Node is our Window into Parallel and Past Lives; Neptune is our Window into Spirit.  The Veil is the mass hypnosis that would have us Believe that 3D “Reality” and Linear Time are all that there is.  Seen through 3D eyes, Neptune appears to Manifest as Confusion.  Seen through the Third Eye, Neptune provides Clarity, because it allows us to see the Spiritual Purpose behind things.

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