Heiros Gamos

Here’s a great review for Monday’s Mars-Venus Conjunction.  As you read it you may be asking, “Where’s the Mars half,” but that’s the point.  With 2007 OR10 – Becoming Conscious of our Unconscious Beliefs – Stationary in a Culture where we’re programmed by the Patriarchy, of the Patriarchy, and for the Patriarchy, the Magnetic is largely Unconscious even for many folks of the Feminine persuasion.  And for folks of the Dynamic persuasion this is all the more important, because without Sovereignty for your Inner Female, mind leads you astray into all manner of Self-Sabotaging and Planet-Destroying Traumadrama, and we aren’t that far from another Atlantean Tripping Point…


With thanks again to Soulspeak for the introduction.

While OR10 doesn’t Stand Still till 19 November, in fact these Plutoids and Sednoids could be considered to be Stationary all of the time – at its current distance from the Sun, OR10 averages only one Degree every four years.  It took three years (2005-7; it was “Discovered” in 2007) just for it to transition from Aquarius (Becoming Conscious of our Unconscious Idealism) to Pisces (Becoming Conscious of our Unconscious Emotions).  That’s why these dwarf planets are Unconscious – when something doesn’t change, or changes very slowly, we take it for granted that it’s a constant.  Till it changes.  Growth in Consciousness occurs not by Discovery, but by Differentiation of new shapes from the Background that’s been there all along.  As long as the Wolf didn’t move, you didn’t distinguish it from the trunk of the Tree next to it.  Two of the corners of the Grand Sextile in the OR10 “Discovery” chart are Conjunctions between Lilith and Chariklo, and between the Moon and Venus.  That’s a strong emphasis on the Feminine.  

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