November III – Let My Limits Go

As Lightlover explains, 11 November isn’t just a New Moon…

With thanks to Soulspeak ( ) for the introduction.  Nothing there I would question, and I recognize many threads that I’ve been writing about.  I don’t usually read or understand “Ascension” material, but this one rings clear as a bell from start to end.

At the New Moon Mars lights up the North Node and ongoing Nodal T-Square, while Venus crosses Makemake.  The New Moon Trine-Bridges the Jupiter-Chiron Opposition.

We’re again moving some astrologuese up from its usual “indented-normal for-astrologer type” to bold italic for-everyone type because we think it’s important for us to Learn to Discern these new Energies.

We get the opportunity to know the dwarf planet and “Centaur” Nessus as it dominates 12 November and the few to several days prior.  Look for situations involving assumption of Privilege and corresponding Abuse, both inner (Feelings of Outrage, flashbacks to Powerlessness) and outer (people exhibiting Arrogance or Acting as if they deserve what they don’t).  We could also gain Insight into elements of Privilege in our own Attitudes.  By and large Nessus symbolizes Masculine Privilege, but anyone can be overassertive or have inappropriate Expectations of Other.  In this instance it’s our Beliefs about Privilege that may be lit up most.  

Rather than Reacting against Privilege in the outer World, Empathize with your internal Reactions to it – “You poor Sweetheart, that Bully really scares you doesn’t he.”  Your Fear and their Bullying interlock.  No one Changes Other, we only Change ourself.  When we Witness our Fear, Tapping it out if necessary, the key no longer fits in the lock, and the Bully has to go elsewhere to try to exercise their presumed Privilege.  When there is no one left to Bully, their only choice will be to Grieve their Loss of Privilege.

Nessus (Privilege) is Stationary (Strong) at 10am PST ( ) 12 November, followed 23 hours later by the Station of Vesta (Belief).  The Nessus influence should be Stronger prior to its Station, but Belief is likely to be involved.  While Nessus will be Stonger, it will also be more Subtle, as the impact of Nessus will be largely Unconscious.  The Nessus Station is at 0:00 Pisces and the Vesta Station at 29 Pisces.  Both are turning Direct.  The Quaoar-Chariklo-Hylonome-Galactic Center Stellium is already asking us to Let Go of and Grieve Privilege, while the 1/1/2000 Ceres Rising asks us to Let Go of anything excess to Sustenance.  These projects are building blocks for the Foundation of Community with Equality.

After 13 November we begin to slide into Confusion.  If you’ve changed your iPhone password to “cNf*Shn7=gD” you might remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  Peaking at 9am PST ( ) on 18 November and dominating the few to several days prior, this is Neptune: Confusion when looking through Material eyes and Clarity when viewing through Spiritual eyes.  This is the time when Collective Attitudes shift, as the different Cultures on the Planet Stop and look around.  There may be recognitions that while Forms are different from one Culture to another, Motives are the same.  Neptune represents the “World as it is ‘seen’ by ALL” as Lightlover puts it, but ALL within your Culture.  More important, it’s how you interpret your Culture, when seen through your personal filters.  As in most Huper endeavors, the variation within a Culture is greater than the variation between Cultures.  We profile the external Forms, not the Spiritual Essence.

Between 9am PST 18 November and 5pm PST 19 November, we’re bathed in the almost-unadulterated Energies of the unnamed dwarf planet 2007 OR10.  In a nutshell, we’d say that “OR10” is about Becoming Conscious of our Unconscious Beliefs, disidentifying with the Archetypes, and shedding the Ego Deaths involved.  OR10 contributes much Grace to this process.  Based on this, OR10 is a very important Energy for us to get to know.  Once we begin to do this in a serious way, OR10 will get a proper name.  We say “almost-unadulterated” because there’s quite a bit of cross-contamination between OR10 and Neptune; we’re focusing on our Beliefs about what our Culture is likely to tolerate, while our Culture stretches its Beliefs about what can be permitted without damaging the Collective.

Till it gets a name, we need to depend on the “Discovery” chart to understand OR10.  Concentrating on the portion of the chart that includes OR10 itself, the dominant feature is a T-Square and Diamond Star focused on the Stellium of Vesta, Pholus, and Hylonome – Taking Responsibility for Unconscious Beliefs and Grieving the concomitant Loss of Identity.  The base of the T-Square is the Opposition from OR10 to Moon-Venus.  The base of the Finger of God that completes the Diamond Star is the Sextile from Mercury to the Centaur Asbolus (Intuition).  In addition, Pluto and a Lilith-Chariklo Conjunction complete a Grand Sextile.  The Vacancy Opposite the Vesta-Pholus-Hylonome Stellium is 1 Gemini, “A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders: The revelation of unconscious energies and submerged psychic structures.

The following week is about Endings, as we finish a quarter-century Harmonic-Convergence project to reorganize the foundations of our Cultures.  Over that period Science has verified the validity of the Spiritual Perspective.  That work is done now, and we can move on without Doubt.  We move, however, into a ten-year period where established Cultures seem to fall apart, as they disassemble into Leggo blocks that can be reassembled in more Sustainable ways.  “Without Doubt” means lots of arguments.  Ignore them.  Your best strategy in the Void is “Don’t Know” and “Beginner’s Mind” and Perpetual Curiosity.  Focus on the Silent place from which Inspiration rises, and follow it.  We become our own Leaders.

The 25 November Full Moon Opposes Saturn and is T-Squared by Neptune.  The Saturn-Neptune Square of 26 November is Waning, finishing up a major Harmonic Convergence project, the one about “An illustrated lecture on natural science reveals little-known aspects of life.”

All of the Energies between 10 and 26 November are about Letting Go of Held Emotion.  Be willing to Feel the Emotions, Embrace them, Empathize with yourself in their Trance, Witness them, and Let them Go.  If you Open your Heart to yourself, it will be Intense, but not as Painful as you’d Expect the average Trance Reformation to be.  Change your password to “mBrc+1eTGo99.”

All the Big Deals are in Pisces – the Nessus Station at 0:00 Pisces, the Vesta Station at 29 Pisces, the Neptune Station at 8 Pisces, and the OR10 Station at 3 Pisces.

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