Possible Loss of Privilege

Well, another one of those “Coincidences” that Robert Moss writes about in The Three ‘Only’ Things – our Chief Asteroid Officer Elizabeth points out that there exists an asteroid named Schadow, which happens to be … wait for it … Conjunct Pholus-Ixion.  In fact, it’s exactly Conjunct Ixion today.

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But let’s talk about several other of these new dwarf planets – Quaoar, Chariklo, and Hylonome.  The keywords I use for these three are…

  • Quaoar – A law-giver, providing “laws” about what we need to do to survive
  • Chariklo – Charm, Beauty
  • Hylonome – Merging, Grief, Ego Death

All three were part of what we called the Centaur Stampede in September, as they all, along with Pholus and Ixion, were very strong at the same time, while Conjunct the Galactic Center…

  • The Galactic Center is to our Solar System as the Sun is to the Earth: Headquarters

Pholus and Ixion have moved away a bit, but Quaoar and Chariklo and Hylonome still sit on the Galactic Center, making their Guidance pretty relevant to the Future of our Galactic neighborhood.  Here’s an intriguing suggestion about what this may be about…


That’ll shift our Identity, if we haven’t been Expecting it.  We may Lose our egocentric sense of Privilege about being at the top of the food chain.  Those who left us here to be fruitful and multiply may return to harvest their well-marbled steaks and barbecued ribs.

In addition to these three being Conjunct the Galactic Center, the Nodes are backing into a T-Square with them (and the “GC”).  That makes these three increasingly significant for us as individual denizens of Planet Earth.  While Makemake is moving away from the North Node, Vesta is Retrograde and still Conjunct the South Node, implying…

We have some ancient Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotage Habits that are due to be stripped away.  I think the involvement of Quaoar and the Galactic Center is fairly clear – it means “Listen Up, Huper, this is Important!”  It sounds like giving up these Limiting Beliefs isn’t optional.  So what about Chariklo and Hylonome?  Before we get to them, let’s factor in one other influence – Sustainability.

Dwarf planet Ceres makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Nodal T-Square.  A Bridge represents an “easy” way to resolve an otherwise Challenging T-Square or Opposition.

Which also means Sustenance.  So one interpretation that pops out is that we may be Asked to give up Privilege, as Chariklo’s Charm and Beauty suggests Privilege.  Think of your most Charming and Beautiful friends, and recall how strangers greet them, relative to how strangers greet (or look right through) your least Charming and Beautiful friends.  I’ve always said that “Beauty has its own Karma,” meaning that most folks who bring Beauty into their current Lifetime have little understanding for the day-to-day struggles that less-Beautiful folks endure.  

Of course Charm and Beauty can be Learned and Manifested after birth, in which case the connection between Beauty and Privilege may be firmly in Consciousness, though perhaps layered with Resentment or Fear of Rejection.  Stripping Privilege Away from someone who’s been Beautiful since birth can be a Shock, a big Ego Death.  We introduce the notion of Stripping Away because of Hylonome, which represents Grief over a Loss of Identity.  Hylonome saw herself as part of her Significant Other.  When they were killed, she had the option of seeking her own Identity; instead, she committed suicide with the same lance that killed her mirror image.  

There’s certainly a lot of room for other interpretations.  For instance, Laws (Quaoar) that we’ve been living by and considering to be a Beautiful fit for our Culture, could be stripped away.  Think Water Rights in California, for instance.  Or what will happen when the People realize that their precious Dream Image of Democracy and the Rule of Law with Liberty and Justice for All has been replaced by Oligopoly and the Rule of Corporate Boardrooms with Liberty and JustUs for the Few.  Or that the Image was propaganda all along.

For us as individuals wanting to be prepared, it’s probably appropriate for us to connect the dots between Limiting Beliefs and Grief when we’re confronted by either Ego Death or Loss of Privilege.  Losing or quitting a job for instance might be connected to a Belief that someone else must be Responsible for our Survival, or to a Belief that our profession IS our Identity.  When Grief arises, what is it that we Fear is being Stripped Away?  Who or what has died or left, that we perceived as a part of us?  There is always a bigger us waiting on the other side of that Limiting Belief.  We just need to Levitate over the razor-wire.

It also wouldn’t hurt a bit to Empathize with our Loss: “You poor Sweetheart, you really feel awful about Losing that, don’t you.”  In that single, simple step of Witnessing, we stop Being Loss and start Being Compassion.  We can still Feel Grief over the Loss, but we stop Being the Grief.  That shift gives us a lot more Options.  Truth is, whatever Privilege is being Stripped Away from us, if we can outwit the accompanying Limiting Belief, Opens us to far greater opportunity, as that Privilege was a cage for us.  Without it we Expand into the Unknown – a larger and more beneficial Unknown.

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