Harmonic Anticlimax

WordPress seems to be bungling their links.  Links are a very weak place security-wise, and they don’t seem to be finding a way to make them safe.  For the foreseeable, please block and copy the links…

That is,

  • Block the link (place cursor at end of link address, hold down “Ctrl” key, move cursor to beginning of link, let go of “Ctrl” key: a blue background should appear under the link address),
  • Copy it (hold down “Ctrl” key, punch the “C” key),
  • Open a new Tab,
  • Position cursor at the beginning of the Web Address Line at the top of the browser screen, 
  • Paste the link (hold down “Ctrl” key, punch the “V” key), and 
  • Then punch the “Enter” key.

For the Harmonic Climax post ( https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2015/10/03/harmonic-climax/ ), the internal links are 

Sorry for the hassle.  Actually, always copying and pasting your links, rather than just clicking on them, is good digital hygiene, as redirecting links is the first line of scam.

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