Some part of most of us Survived all that, eh?  I think we can take a deep Breath and relax a bit; at first glance October looks pretty quiet, though of course something will turn up to keep us entertained, as it always does.  I assume you’ve noticed that you’re new-born.  But, I suspect, not as Vulnerable as we’d expect to be as a new-born, eh?  When a Crab molts, it’s extremely Vulnerable for a while as it runs around nekkid scrambling to eat enough Calcium to harden up it’s new carapace.  But my own shell feels hardened by this Rebirth.  Yours?

The Opposition between dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) and the Conjunction of Centaur Pholus (Responsibility) with dwarf planet Ixion (our Pathological Genius) and asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) continues all month, but in the first few days of October Chiron (Despair to Empathy to Miracle) backs out of its T-Square across it.  So…

In the sense that our Lifelong Challenge is to Own and Support and Protect and Project our socially unacceptable Pathological Genius, Taking Responsibility to do just that (since it’s the Ability side of our Mission), setting the appropriate Boundaries, and indulging our outrageous Fantasies of Unlimited Power to Shift the Trajectory of the Planet, will indeed harden our carapace against Normative Mediocrity and Avarice as Usual.

The Uranus-Eris Conjunction (Continuing to Peel off Masks) Trine-Sextile Bridges (ameliorates) the Opposition.  Later in the month, Jupiter Initiates both Mars and Venus.  The Opposition between Vesta (Limiting Beliefs) and Juno (the Edges of Consciousness), which so thanatologically (Ego-wise) decorated the Eclipse, remains for the first few days of October, but since the two asteroids are moving in opposite directions (Vesta Retrograde, Juno Direct), this Angle fades quickly.  The Opposition is Exact at half-past 5pm PDT ( http://www.jbuss.com/tt/pdt17.htm ) on 30 September, but it’s not a Can-Opener.  Juno has pulled ahead of Lilith by only a Degree, and Makemake remains only one Degree past the North Node.

As the month wears on, we’ll discover how our Dynamic and Magnetic Creative Powers and our Self-Sovereignty have been Transformed.  We should be done with the Ego Death for now, and focused instead on Rebuilding a new Life from the Fresh Violets that remain in the Ancient Pottery Bowl, aided and abetted by our new Discoveries.  We could have a lot of Discoveries in October, as we Discover what’s New and what’s no longer a part of our Disguise.

The dwarf planet Sedna (Actions taken out of Fear and Anger) does still sit between the two Stars of Ill Repute, Capulus and Algol, however, although those Stars bode ill more for the Patriarchy than for Integrity.  We should expect the Patriarchy to continue to lash out irrationally at the Snakes biting its heels for a few more years, till Sedna clears Algol.  Take care to Protect your planets in the penultimate duad (25-28 Degrees) of Taurus.

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