The Great Work of Our Time

Excerpts from “The Great Work of Our Time,” by John Liu, in Permaculture, Autumn 2015, pp.4-8…

“Right now, the funds needed to address climate change are swirling in a vortex of highly paid consultants who endlessly debate what to do.  This financial capital needs to flow to the individual and the collectivised farmers, gardeners, and landscape restorers who, through their efforts to increase soil carbon, increase the height of vegetative canopies and protect biodiversity, are leading our species’ efforts to mitigate and adapt to human induced climate change.  Imagine what we could do if we engaged people worldwide in restoring the Earth’s ecological function?”

“A significant and growing number of people are teaching themselves and others how to grow biologically healthy diverse soils rich in organic matter.  They are learning that increases in organic material and microbiologic communities in the soil also retain vastly more moisture, especially when constantly covered by perennial vegetative growth.  These same people are learning to grow closed canopy, multi-story polyculture food forests.  These perennial systems align human systems with nature and have an entirely different result than continuing to practice neolithic agriculture or our current toxic industrialised agricultural model.”

“We cannot erode the fertility and hydrological regulation, and kill the microbial communities that build the Earth’s living soils, and expect to have more productivity.  You may have short-term gains from artificial inputs, but over the long term you collapse the system and have nothing.”

“Acknowledging what is real also means turning our backs on what is false.  We are the end of an era that will be known mainly for its waste, pollution, materialism, wanton violence and foolish addiction to fossil fuels.  It can be frightening to change but, when you think about what we are leaving behind, change can be seen to be a very good thing.  We need to change so many things.  This is our chance.  Not only can we address climate change and make our food systems healthier and more resilient, we can and must remake human society and economy to be fair for everyone.  This is being recognised and this knowledge can empower people all over the world, engaging their creativity and giving their lives meaning.

“As the endgame of this unsustainable era plays out, many people are standing on the sidelines.  Their intelligence, imagination, energy and abilities are needed to move to the next level in human consciousness.”

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We have five years and three months before the Robots begin to take over, and the Robots will be in the service of the Haves, not the Havenots.  Despite rumors of Harmony and Trust Abounding, Aquarius is an Air Sign – intellect.  It’s not about the Heart.  The Haves will continue to consolidate their Power and squeeze as much Life as they can out of the Havenots, and we will need to create our own alternative Life without the Master’s Money.  Another advantage of perennial canopy is that it hides a Food Forest from Google Earth and the Sheriff of Nottingham’s insatiable thirst for taxation.

The Digital Age replaces the Industrial Revolution wholesale beginning with the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction of December 2020.  Meanwhile, the incipient Chiron-Neptune Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl and Uranus-Pluto Ouija Board Cycles continue to expand their domain, preparing a fallback for the Atlantean collapses of the Digital Age.

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  1. darshanamaya Says:

    Very excited I just subscribed to this – and have this issue on my desk live! I’ve loved the articles in Permaculture magazine online, and now I have my own copy to hug!

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