I Dentity – September’s Bottom Line

The Bottom Line here in September 2015 is I-Dentity.  Whatever it is that is causing you Physical or Emotional or Other Pain, it’s root is in your Identity – Who You Believe Yourself To Be, aka your “Ego,” though Ego is commonly used to mean Selfishness, not Identity, so the word isn’t very useful here.  Psychologically, the role of the Ego is to keep us Alive, so anyone you know who brags about being “beyond” Ego in that sense, is talking from the grave (which voices of course can be useful, if they really are beyond Vanity and Agendas).  You’re being Asked, often not at all gently or politely, to loosen your Identification with whatever is creating your Pain. 

“You” are NOT your Body; “you” Inhabit your Physical Vehicle.  It’s important, take good care of it.  Change the oil and drive carefully.  But don’t BE it.  Fender-benders are Painful!

“You” are NOT your Emotions; your Emotions serve to Guide you through daily Life, as long as they aren’t stuck in the distant Past.  If your Emotions are causing you Pain this month, it’s either because for some reason you are unable to follow their Guidance, or because they are not Relating to the Present Moment, but to some Past Trauma – usually both.  Focusing on your Physical Experience moment to moment may help you root out whatever blocks your Present-Moment access to your all-important Emotional Guides.

“You” are NOT your mind.  Mind is Dualistic and Reductionist; “you” are Infinite and Whole, whether you know it or not moment to moment.

“You” are NOT “your” Spirit.  Spirit is Energy, it does not have Boundaries the way Matter does.  If Spirit is bringing you Grief, it may be because your sense of Identity is not sufficiently Defined.

“You” are NOT your Karma, though of course we all believe ourselves to Be exactly that, or we’d all be Free.  That’s a tautology.

“You” ARE your Consciousness.  While the Edges of Consciousness are very flexible and Change constantly, its Boundaries do exist.  At one moment you ARE your sibling’s sibling, at another your Job, your Family, your Country, your Hunger, your Gender, your car, your lawn, your Relationship, your Addictions, etc etc.  All you need to Change Consciousness is Intention; it’s Changed already before you even think it.

Step out of your Pain by shifting your Consciousness.  WHO would you have to be, to be free of your Pain?  Would that be an attractive Identity for you, or would it cause other problems?  Do you actually WANT to be free of your Pain, or is it a Safe cocoon for you?  There are an infinite number of marks on the Wheel of Consciousness.  Keep turning till you find one you like.

Saturn is now in Sagittarius; The Most Important Thing is Letting Go.  There are a lot of other astroindications indicating this – the upcoming Eclipse on the Opposition between Vesta (Belief) and Juno-Lilith (Consciousness-Yindependence) just to give one example, not to mention the incredible Galactic Center Stellium (Taking Full Responsibility for Who You Really Are and Grieving the Loss of Who You Used to Think You Were).

You may use some of these words differently.  If your mind objects to any of these suggested Perspectives, you’ve found a place where you’re having difficulty Letting Go; it’s a Powerful clue.  This blog should be Useful for Opening you to New Perspectives.  If you regard it as an Authority of any kind, then shift your Consciousness by Intending to Be Your Own Authority!  You are anyway; it’s only a question of whether you should choose to accept the assignment.

3 Responses to “I Dentity – September’s Bottom Line”

  1. Heart Shaped Eyes Says:

    Love this! All of these points resonate with the movement of “truth” in my experience.

  2. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:
    Immense keys here for unlocking many doors…thanks jbuss..for another grand journey

  3. desmene Says:

    I’m going to print this out to carry with me… Beautiful.

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