I Recant

I Recant my insult of the Eclipse Gods last week. 

The essence of an Eclipse is Illumination, as what was previously an integral part of the background suddenly becomes obvious through its absence.  But I don’t expect much impact from a Partial Eclipse, particularly a glancing blow visible in only a small fraction of the World, because you could easily go about your day without ever noticing that a Partial Eclipse was happening.  However, I experienced an obvious Small Ego Death around the time of Saturday’s Partial Eclipse, so…

I Recant!  May your Powers Reign Supreme, O Eclipse Gods!

And may Nemesis sheath her sword!  I have no disrespect at all for the Total Lunar Eclipse later in the month, as it’s Total and visible from much of the Planet, and I’m looking forward to much Illumination. 

My Small Ego Death?  While passing through an area that is very familiar to me, part of me recognized it not at all.  It was as if there were two different people, or two sets of neurons, evaluating what my eyes were transmitting to the brain.  Three fourths of my Attention was experiencing the Territory anew.  One fourth knew exactly where I was – but I had to Consciously Call that part of me forth, otherwise I would have experienced myself as “lost” – not in a negative sense, as my body knew where to turn, but as in having my Childlike Curiosity triggered by the possibility of Exploring new Territory – a classic Small Ego Death or Identity Rebirth.

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  1. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines and commented: An astrologer with a sense of humor. (Appropriate somehow for Jupiter opposite Neptune.)

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