Portal 14.9.15 – Ceres Stationary

Grace still abounds through 14 September, which is good because we’re being Challenged with some Very Basic Issues.

The Grace allows us to Act to Take Responsibility to Integrate new information into a reorganization of who we Believe ourselves to Be.  Such a reorg can be very Painful, as it frequently feels like Ego Death.  That is, it Feels like “I am dying!” while what’s really happening is that “I (my Identity) am (dying) being Reborn.”  Plus, the parts of ourself that we’re Integrating are likely to be the parts which till now we’ve Rejected most vigorously (usually on the “advice” of others).  So the Grace is a real Gift.  You may want to make a list of the most damning adjectives you could possibly apply to a person, and check to see if any of those qualities are hidden in the back of your own closet.  Time to Love those Orphans back into the fold.

The Mars-Stellium-Eris Grand Trine, adorned with Haumea and Chaos Kites, which we discussed earlier, persist.  Mars symbolizes Action, Eris New Information, Haumea Rebirth, Chaos Unlimited Potential, and the Stellium is a complex knot of business.  Mars, Eris, Haumea, and Chaos are all within three Degrees of the Pholus-Ixion (Taking Full Responsibility to Embrace and Express the most Rejected and Abandoned portions of our True Self) portion of the Stellium.

One of the Very Basic Issues is around Fear, Anger, and Action.  Are we Conscious of when we are Acting – or have Acted – out of Fear?  Out of Anger?  Those will be lit up, and Self-Forgiveness (and Other-Forgiveness) is definitely useful, but the more important part of the process is making these Actions Conscious.  Of course it’s sometimes appropriate to Act out of Fear (in which cases we may not have time for a lot of Conscious reflection) and Anger (in which cases we may not have the self-composure to pause and reflect).  We may want to get together with a friend and practice how we might be more Conscious in these circumstances.

Namely, a waxing Square from Mars (Anger, Action) back to Sedna (Actions taken out of Fear – or Anger).  I usually think of the Fear side of the Sedna story, but the protagonist’s Fear arose as a result of the antagonist’s Anger!  So we could actually see Sedna either way.

First we’ll have to get Conscious of how Fear and Anger Feel in our Body, so we can recognize them when they arise.  Then we can practice Responding (remember, “Responsibility” means Being Able to Respond) to each. 

An excellent Response to Fear would be Kegels.  We could even practice this Response enough to make it fairly automatic (to some extent it may already be automatic – you can check on that as you get Conscious of how your Body naturally Responds to Fear).  Kegels slow time.  When a power hitter connects with a hundred-mile-per-hour fastball so Consciously that they can control which direction it goes, they’re doing it because they have the ability to control how fast time flows.  Try it out; put on a very suspenseful movie, and do Kegels during the scary parts.  The see how long it (Feels like it) takes you to walk around the block.

An additional and complementary practice would be to PIAVA something like an iterative “I Wonder how I might become more Conscious around Fear.” 

The Mars-Sedna Square is the base of a Trine Fez, with Sedna Quincunx to the Stellium, and the Stellium Trined by Mars.  So we activate the Trine in the Tricolor by exercising unqenchable Curiosity about Taking Responsibility for Fear, or more appropriately, Being Able to Respond to Fear.  A Trine Fez is composed of two Major Tricolors sharing the same Square base.  The other Tricolor is Sedna Squared by Mars, which Quincunxes Ceres, while Ceres in turn Trines Sedna.

Ceres, recall, is the Star of this show, as it is now Stationary and turns Direct on 14 September.  Ceres is about Sustainability, and neither Fear nor Anger are relatively Sustainable, so our Response to this dance is to seek greater Effectiveness in our Responses to Fear and Anger.

  ∑    ∑    ∑    ∑    ∑ 

Oops; accidentally Published before I was finished.  The rest is my notes for Part 2, which will follow soon…

Anger; Mars Quincunx Ceres

Second Very Basic Issue: Making New Information Sustainable (Integration into Consciousness) and Epiphanies

Ceres Square Eris, base of a Jupiter Mjolnir

The Grand Trine has a corner on each of the two Squares

  ∑    ∑    ∑    ∑    ∑ 

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