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with your earliest crush as the childhood friend, the younger the better.  Can you do that without having Compassion for your own Longing?  Your crush was more about you than it was about them, wasn’t it.  Was your Longing Sweet and Innocent, but also Painful?  Was it requited?  Or did you keep it a secret?  Did you share your secret with anyone?  Did anybody share your Secret Space when you were a child, or were you Alone?  Apart from your nonphysical companions I mean.  Explore this Space, Lovingly and Gently – the hidden doorway to your Passion may be in here somewhere. 

Buddhists talk about our Hungry Ghost – a part of us that’s not fully Conscious – and maybe just across the Edge of Consciousness – that walks around Longing.  I get all ready to sit down and write, but then I want something to eat first.  That’s my Hungry Ghost.  They can Hunger for anything, not just Food.  What’s your Ultimate Fantasy?  If you could have anything you Want, with no consequences, what would it be?  Is that your Deepest Desire, or is it your Hungry Ghost?  Fantasies usually have built-in brakes – “Oh, I wouldn’t want that in Real Life!”  Maybe because you think you’d have to give up too many other things if you did have it, or because it Feels too dangerous. 

We have to get past our Hungry Ghost in order to get to our Passion, our Mission, our Deepest Desires.  They often hide behind our Hungry Ghost.  Fantasies are dangerous enough – our Passion can be truly dangerous, because they have no brakes, and when we “fail” at our Passion, we fail disastrously.  Our Shadow-Boxing childhood friend may be Feeling like they’re “failing” at their Passion, or frustrated trying to get their Hungry Ghost to Manifest.  Of course there’s no such thing as “failure,” only an information-gathering expedition that didn’t meet our Expectations, but if our Expectations are strong, it can feel like failure.

We get past our Hungry Ghost by bringing them fully into Consciousness.  In Consciousness, we can choose whether to indulge, moment to moment.  In Consciousness, we’re in Control.  Out on the Edge, the Ghost is in Control.  Like Dr. Kim says, become Aware, Breathe, Choose, ABC.  Of course, when Ghosty’s in charge, they’re also in charge of our Awareness.  Sometimes the Body helps, like when our Hungry Ghost loves Sugar, and we get toothaches.  That’ll wake us up.  At other times, you’ll probably need to PIAVA.  “I Wonder how I can Lovingly and Gently bring my Hungry Ghost into Consciousness.”  Then Change the Subject and Pay Attention ( ).

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