Light Reading and Listening for September

Okay, we’ve (most of us) lived through the Stellium-Stations Galactic Ring-Pass-Not, let’s see what the rest of September has for us to shadow-box…

Many folks worry about the barely-Partial Eclipse this coming weekend; I don’t.  Fear is a strong Energy, easily manifested into Form, and Total Eclipses are definitely one of the most Awe-Inspiring experiences to behold.  When your Emperor tells you to pay double this year on your taxes or a Dragon will eat the Sun, and you didn’t know better and ignored him, then a Total Eclipse can be truly Terrifying.  We know better now, eh?

What’s lit up now is a Focus on what’s Sustainable and what isn’t.  Part of Sustainability involves giving up what we don’t need for Sustenance; Let It Go.  We may get some information on the Sustainability of governments.

Expect to Receive important information about your Mission mid-month.

  • The Partial Solar Eclipse, visible from the Atlantic coast of South Africa and Namibia, occurs 12-13 September at 21 Virgo, “A girls’ basketball team
  • Dwarf planet Ceres is now Stationary, turning Direct 14 September
  • Dwarf planet Makemake Initiates the North Node 16 September (Makemake Initiated Lilith 1 September and the North Node Initiated Lilith 8 September)
  • Mercury turns Retrograde 17 September, till 9 October
  • Dwarf planet Chaos turns Retrograde and Pluto turns Direct 23-24 September; they’ll be Stationary from around the 17th on

The Energy will be pretty Heavy between 17 September and 24 September.  Here’s some essential preparatory work – Dr. Kim presents three free videos on How to Finally End Anxiety and Live the Life You Desire.  Anxiety could well be the root cause of whatever you suffer from, but if it isn’t, there’s a good chance it makes your suffering worse…

Here’s some excellent input on Multiversity and Judgment from Return to Source Energy; what if we were able to Witness Judgment and replace it with Curiosity!  Wouldn’t that spice up Life…

And a profound poem about Empathy for a childhood friend, from Heart Shaped Eyes…

Now, reread it with your own historical child being the childhood friend.

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