Narcissus, Hybris, Grace, and Insight


In addition to the Challenges we talked about in , the Stellium Stations are also loaded with Grace, Insight, and Healing Curiosity.

The Grace…

The dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability), by the way, Conjoins (Confounds) asteroids Narcissus (Self-Absorption) and Echo (Self-Expression) on their corner of the Grand Cross (Mastery of Multi-Tasking), Opposite (Contradistinction) the asteroid Astraea (Innocence) and Square (Challenge through Mastery) to the Opposition between the dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth) and the Conjunction between Uranus (the Soul Self), the dwarf planet Eris (Revelation), and the asteroid Karma (Habits).

The primary Spiritual Function of the whole complex event, is to readjust our Relationship to our Ego so that it’s more Sustainable.  The World is Changing in ways that your current Persona won’t handle well.  If you were a county clerk, would you issue a marriage license to a Huperson and a Tree?  If you were a cop, how would you handle someone who is violent?  If you owned a home and a hundred refugees were camping in your yard, what would you do?  Our Egos need a tune-up.

Ceres, which is Out of Bounds (Very Strong), forms a very tight Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) with the dwarf planet Sedna (Consciousness of Fear) and the asteroids Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) and Nemesis (Guilt).

Chiron (Discouragement + Empathy ⇒ Miracles) Opposes Nemesis-Juno, forming the focus of a Kite.

There are Miracles to be had with remarkable Ease; all we need to do is know that the option of Instantaneous Healing is available, and Ask for it with Sincerity and Suspension of Disbelief.  A prime mechanism for rebalancing our Relationship to our Ego is Opening ourselves to Consciousness of how much we’re Motivated by Fear and Guilt. 

If you get Conscious Yes-Buts when you try to Suspend Disbelief about Instantaneous Healing, Lovingly and Gently Embrace them.  “You poor Sweetheart, you don’t really think Effortless Healing is available, do you.”

If you don’t get Conscious Yes-Buts (or even if you do), Ask, “I Wonder what I’m Afraid of.” and “I Wonder what I feel Guilty about.”  If you get answers, be Loving and Gentle with them – “You poor Sweetheart, do you feel [Scared of __] [Guilty about __]?”

Take as much time as you can spare this weekend, to just follow these threads – they’ll keep leading you into deeper and deeper layers of Fear and Guilt.  The deeper you’re willing to follow them, Lovingly and Gently, the more Pain and Self-Sabotage you’ll clear.  This Window is a tremendous Gift to us.

The Opposition between the Stellium Stations (Taking Full Responsibility for Our Loss of Privilege and Our Grief about It) and the dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential), with the Opposition between Haumea and Uranus-Eris-Karma, forms a Golden Rectangle (Graceful Resolution of the Oppositions).

We’re likely to find that much of our Self-Sabotage is around Fear that Grace and Abundance are “Stolen,” that is, not really ours to Legitimately and Safely Enjoy.  Our Fear that Grace and Abundance are Zero-Sum, that our Receiving them will deprive Others of them.  Since that’s not at all True, be Loving and Gentle with any Beliefs of that sort you encounter – “You poor Sweetheart, you don’t really Believe that Grace and Abundance are Infinite, do you.” 

Abundance means Having Enough to Share.  Remember Buddhist Hell (you’re sitting at a sumptuous feast, but your elbows are locked and you can’t get Food to your mouth!) and Buddhist Heaven (you Feed each other!).  Imagine what it will be like when you’re on the Other Side of these Limiting Beliefs.  There are things in your Life that are crazy Abundant, that you’ve never had to even think Scarcity about.  What are they?  Food?  Friendship?  Shelter?  Pain?  Dirt?  It’s like that on the Other Side of your Limiting Beliefs about the things you’ve Always Wanted; you only need to jump the fence.

The Insights…

Complementary Mjolnirs point at Uranus-Eris-Karma (from Hybris Square Jupiter) and at Jupiter (from Uranus-Eris-Karma Square Ceres-Narcissus-Echo), promising interlocking Insights to Resolve the two Squares.

You can get a preview of the Revelations you’re going to be getting, over the next nine months, about the Masks you didn’t know you were wearing over your True Self, by Asking to become Conscious of anything you tend to gloat about.  Where and why do you feel like you deserve Privilege?  Amplify that in your Imagination.  Don’t draw any conclusions, positive or negative.  Just Imagine it and then Let It Go.

You’re actually already Aware of many of your Masks, the places where how you Speak and Behave in the World derives from the script for the part you are playing in your own Drama.  Probably a script that you learned from Significant Others in your childhood.  What if you were unrestrained by your Inner Censors, and you could just completely Relax and Be Yourself, let your True Self take over your Life. 

Spend some time sitting with your Conscious Awareness of the Differences between your True Self and your Thespian.  No conclusions.  Just Imagine sitting your True Self down in one chair, and your Thespian in another.  Is there any animosity between them, or are they okay with each other.  Did you set the chairs face to face, or side by side, or at an angle?  Have they actually met each other?  Have each of them take a turn describing their Needs and Wants.  Then Ask each of them if they’re able and willing to help their counterpaert achieve their Needs and Wants.

If in the course of any of these exercises you find yourself Feeling Confused, take a break and Enjoy the Feeling of Confusion.  Confusion means you’re Expanding your Consciousness.  You don’t want to try to “solve” or resolve it, you want to Embrace it.  Once you feel good about Feeling Confused, you can resume the exercise, or switch to another one.

We haven’t talked much about Neptune, Lord of Overwhelm, but Neptune Opposes Jupiter in the base of a Hybris T-Square.

The Curiosities…

Complementary Fingers of God point at Haumea (from Chiron Sextile Sedna) and at Sedna (from Haumea Sextile the Stellium Stations), asking us to Pay Attention! to our Fears about our Rebirth; be Curious about them, and avoid trying to “figure them out.”

It’s important to understand that we do not want to try to “figure out” what’s going on here.  Definitely Imagine a Future you’d like to see for yourself and your Planet, but do not try to Imagine How you will get there.  Every time you catch yourself trying to reduce your Anxiety by thinking you understand what’s Changing and how, proclaim instead “I Wonder How all this will turn out!” with genuine Curiosity.  We’re dealing with our Fear of Rebirth, aka Ego Death, and we want to be Lovingly and Gently Present with it.  “Wow, there are deep deep Transformations going on – it’ll be Amazing when we see what Evolves from them!  I’m going to be delighted to see __X__ and __Y__, but I sure don’t know How they’re going to Unfold!”

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