Mirrors I

The Perennial Wisdom (the Collective Wisdom of Human thought through the Ages) is always a good place to start when building a New Perspective…

As Within, So Without

That sounds a lot like we’re working with Mirrors already.

We Are All One

Okay, but who is this “We”?  The Universe is pervaded by Consciousness; Everything in the Universe is Conscious in its own way.  The Perennial Wisdom Personifies many aspects of the Universe – Plants, Animals, Stars, Rocks, Mountains, Concepts, for instance – to honor their Consciousness.

We are always in Balance

When we are (or the Planet appears to be) Out of Balance (ie, Discomfort, Disease, Discouragement, Dysfunction, etc), what Balances us lies in “the Unconscious.” 

“Subconscious” is Freud’s term for the Dungeon where we stash everything we reject; “Unconscious” is Jung’s term for the Treasure-house where our Urge Toward Wholeness is kept; of course the Treasure is guarded by a Dragon!

At any given moment (and it Changes moment to moment) for each Conscious Entity (including you & me), there is “I” and there is “Not I.”  “Not I” is everything that isn’t encompassed by “I” in that moment.  Whenever “I” finds itself to be Limited, the path to Breakthrough lies in “Not I.”

Since “Not I” is the rest of the Universe that’s not “I” in the moment, the Universe is a Mirror for our path to Breaking Through Limitation.

“I,” to the extent that it’s “contaminated” by mind, is often Dualistic, Either/Or.  The Unconscious (aka “Not I” aka the rest of the Universe) is not Dualistic; it’s Unitary and Multifarious, Both/And.  Negation is Dual; there is no Negation in the Unconscious; the Unconscious interprets “Not red” as “red.”

Sure, the rest of the Universe is a Mirror for our Limiting Beliefs, but it’s pretty big.  How do we find the Yellow Brick Road?  There are many helpful techniques.

  Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

Example 1: What we Judge in Others, or reject in ourself, is somehow closely related to our own Shadow, our “Shadow” being the hidden Treasure that will bring us to Wholeness. 

All There Is, Is Love, Love, Love Is All There Is

Oh, and Perpetual Curiosity

You won’t find the Yellow Brick Road by being less than Fully Loving with yourself, so don’t jump to the conclusion that you are what you Judge in Others, or despicable.

We don’t have to be Fully Loving with Others, because we don’t Ascend all in one jump; it’s one step at a time.  In order to be Fully Loving with ourself, we have to Set Firm Boundaries against those who would mistreat us.  Eventually we’ll learn how to Set Firm Boundaries while being Fully Loving, but in the beginning, we need to Set Firm Boundaries any way we can, and while we’re Learning we’ll be quite sloppy at it.  Give yourself Space for that.

More often than not, the Universe is a “Funhouse Mirror,” with distortions, tricks, and humor.  Remember, Coyote lives there.  So if we Judge Others for being narcissistic, it does not mean that we are narcissistic.  It means that narcissism is our first clue for finding the Yellow Brick Road.  For instance, it could just mean that we aren’t narcissistic enough to be Loving with ourself enough to do whatever is necessary to Learn how to Set Firm Boundaries.

Or it could mean that there is some aspect of our Life where we do lean toward narcissism, and it’s Limiting us or throwing us Off Balance.  Maybe we’re in Scarcity about something unrelated to narcissism per se, so we don’t Share it.  Abundance is having enough to Share, and Scarcity around something can be a serious Limiting Belief. 

Our objective is to Grow our Conscious Identity.  Judging folks for being narcissistic may not actually be our Limiting Belief – it may be a Liberating Belief, if it amps up our Discernment about Self-Care.  But any Judgment is a place to start when looking for a handle we can use to pull part of our Shadow-Treasure into Consciousness.

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