August-September VIII

jet9322bpTumbled samples of the Mineral Jet, also known as Coal.  Isn’t Coal the ultimate in Manifestation?  A reminder that the road to Joy runs through Gratitude.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

We’ve postulated that we’re being Ordered by the Galactic Command Center to Grieve the Loss of Unearned Privilege, or better yet, to celebrate the Loss as the Initiation of a Vision Quest to Retrieve an orphaned portion of our True Selves.  And we’re also being Asked to Take Full Responsibility to be Loving with the parts of ourself which we previously rejected as unfit for polite company.  Not Blame – which looks backwards to attempt to Understand Causes, but Responsibility – which looks forward to attempt to improve Outcomes.  Bear in mind that Ego Death, while it Feels like “I am dying,” it’s actually “I am dying,” to make room for an Expanded sense of Identity.

We’re gifted with enormous Grace here, but we’re also given an assignment, to be Courageously Loving with ourself as we work through whatever “I’d-rather-die-than-go-through-that-again” Karma we come up against.  If we could just Grow the Ego without pain, we probably would have done it a long time ago.  But we have Limiting Beliefs, Beliefs that the World is a certain way, and that certain avenues are Verboten to us.  If those Limits are still Painful to us, we’re better off than if we’ve accepted those Limits as “just the way thing are.”  If they’re still Painful, we can Empathize with our Self in the Pain, and break through surprisingly easily. 

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re really in Pain here, aren’t you,” we say to ourself.  That immediately shifts our Identity, and we no longer are the Pain, we’re Witnessing the Pain.  As Mother Teresa so skillfully demonstrated for us, we can Compassionately Witness Anything, no matter how horrible.  We don’t need to go to the slums or prison camps to Practice what Mother Teresa was Teaching us by example, we just need to be Compassionate with ourself when we’re in great Pain.  Karmically, after all, much of our great Pain was developed in slums and prison camps and their equivalents. 

It’s part of the program that we forget that we came here to Heal the Pain, not to indulge it.  We first Identify with it, in order to Embrace it completely when we do Heal it.  Once we Embrace it completely, we retire it, and afterwards there is less Pain in the World.  Our role on the planet is to be vacuum cleaners of Pain.

I’m not projecting that early September will be a time of great Pain, though as always, for some it will be.  What I’m suggesting is that if it is a time of great Pain for you, Witnessing your Pain will begin the process of Healing and Integration.

We’ve chosen September 5 (6pm PDT, ) as the poster child for the early-September Stellium of Stations, because at that time the Moon Conjoins the dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential, not Disorder), which Opposes the Stellium.  The Moon is often the trigger for bringing Energy into Form, as Manifestation into Matter is one of the major functions of Lunar Energy.  The prominence of Chaos opens the door to Unlimited Transformation.  The Stations themselves fan out like this…

  • 4 September – Ixion Stationary Direct (SD) 22 Sagittarius
  • 5 September – Chariklo SD 28 Sagittarius
  • 6 September – Pholus SD 23 Sagittarius and Venus SD 15 Leo
  • 7 September – Hylonome SD 29 Sagittarius
  • 9 September – Quaoar SD 27 Sagittarius

As we’ve said, the Venus Station is Trioctile (Compassionate Adjustment) to the Hylonome, Pholus, and Quaoar Stations, and to the Galactic Center.

The Grace arises primarily from a Grand Trine formed by the Stellium, Mars, and the approaching Uranus-Eris Conjunction.  While Uranus-Eris won’t hatch until next June, it involves the Soul (Uranus) demanding that we Reveal to ourself some major elements of the Self, which we’ve been Denying (Eris), while Mars (who was after all Eris’s brother) means War if we don’t oblige.  Denial, recall, is a healthy psychological function, allowing us to focus in situations where we’d otherwise be overwhelmed.  But Denial has an ending date stamped on it, and it’s coming up.

While the Stellium Stations span 4 through 9 September, we can reasonably expect that we’ll experience them most strongly starting a week prior – that is, now.  Once we get past 9 September, this Energy should drop off fairly rapidly, unless we’ve tried to Understand, made Decisions, and cemented the Energy into Form.

More Grace arises from the dwarf planet Haumea, which turns the Grand Trine into a Kite focused on Haumea, promising Rebirth if we navigate the shoals efficiently.  We’ve dealt with this Kite before, when Jupiter sat in the position that Mars now occupies.  Conveniently, Mars will fill this corner of the Grand Trine and Kite from 4 September till 12 September.

The implication is that we may be Feeling the Sturm und Drang of the Stations for the next several days without the Grace, which may not kick in until 4 September.  If we’ve already personalized the Pain by then, we may not even be able to Notice the Grace.

The dwarf planet Chaos makes a second Kite with the Grand Trine, adding yet more Grace and the promise of Unlimited Growth.  When a Grand Trine is supplemented by two Kites, it forms five out of six points of an enormously beneficial Grand Sextile, making the Vacancy at the sixth point arguably the most important point in the chart.  As a Vacancy, it’s up to us to provide that Energy to complete the Grand Sextile.  A Sextile, recall, promises Grace, but only after we take the first step toward What We Want.  The Vacancy is 21 Aquarius, “A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life.

Hence the threat of Pain, and the importance that we provide the Courageous Response to it.  If we’ve resigned ourself to Believing that our Limiting Beliefs are facts about the external World, then we will have to break through that mental fog before we can deal with the Pain – hence it might actually be easier if we’re experiencing Pain.

We know exactly how to deal with disappointment and disillusionment, don’t we.  We usually use the words Discouragement and Despair instead, but we’re obviously talking about Chiron here, and how Chiron transforms Despair into Miracles by opening our eyes to new Perspectives which make the “problems” we’re Despairing about simply disappear.  If we ignore for a moment the environmental disasters that fracking can create, for instance, fracking is a Chironean response to the “problems” of Peak Oil – suddenly and unexpectedly we’re awash in cheap oil (making Global Warming even easier to Deny).

We convert Chironean Despair to Chironean Miracles by none other than Empathizing with our Despair.  “You poor Sweetheart, are you feeling like life will be empty now?”  That simple shift of our Identity, from Victim to Witness, opens us to new Perspectives. 

So how does Chiron fit into this chart?  Chiron is at the far midpoint between Mars and Haumea – at the focus of a Finger of God, meaning nothing less than Pay Attention to Chiron, Devote all of your Attention to where Despair resides in your Body, Lovingly.

The Stellium of Stations also Squares the Nodes, meaning that it may trigger our “Worst Fears” (South Node) and prompt us to move toward our Mission (North Node).  We’re aided by dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) and the Triple Initiation it’s making with Lilith and the North Node.  The suggestion is that Yindependence and Creating the Feminine Way (PIAVA – ) will promote our Mission.

Saturn makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the T-Square from the last Degree of Scorpio.  This tells us that The Most Important Thing is moving through our Worst Fears.  Sagittarius is about Letting Go, and Chiron about Embracing, but Scorpio is about Getting to the Bottom of Things – Fearlessly.  This makes Saturn Unx to the Stellium, the Angle of Pattern-Breaking.  In other words…

The Most Important Thing here is Breaking the Patterns that Limit us.

While the Galactic Center is Sun to our Sun, as our entire Solar System rotates around the Galactic Center, there is an even greater Command Central named the Great Attractor (GA).  The Great Attractor is sucking the Milky Way and all of our neighbor galaxies toward it.  It’s at the Midpoint of Sagittarius, and Pallas currently Conjoins it.  Sagittarius is a very busy place.  Sagittarius symbolized Mutable Fire, or Letting Go and Moving On.  Pallas is about Tightening and Loosening Boundaries – another clue about how to frack our Limiting Beliefs.  Whom do we Judge?  Whom do we allow to “get away” with more than is appropriate, and how do we really Feel about that?  Locating those Feelings in our Body and Surrendering into the Feeling could be a productive way to expose hidden Limitations that are ripe for Expansion.

So in order to Let Go of our Limiting Beliefs, we need first to Surrender to the Pain that lies under them.  What was it that caused us to make the Decision to cut off that avenue of Possibility?  We probably don’t realize that it was “us” that made the Decision, because we’ve walled off that portion of our Identity – and the Decision may not have been made in our current Lifetime. 

This is not an easy task.  It might be easier to approach it through our Limits. Go to the barricades, wherever they are…

  • “How could anyone Love me?” 
  • “I’ll never have enough money to do that.” 
  • “Cancer is terrifying.” 
  • “We’ll never make it out of here Alive!” 
  • “Humans are too self-centered to Cooperate – famine, pestilence, and war are inevitable.” 
  • “I’d rather Die than go through that again!” 
  • “No one will ever Understand me.”

Sit down on the barricade.  What does it Feel like?  Where in your Body?  If you’ve resigned yourself to Limited Possibility, you won’t Feel much, because you’ve long since stuccoed it over.  You may have to skip the next step and go directly to step 2 below.

1. If you can Feel your Block as a discrete place in your Body, put all of your Attention into the center of the Feeling.  There’s usually a bubble of Fear around Deep Pain.  Move your Attention into the bubble.  It’ll feel spongy and foggy.  Just sit with it.  We have a week before the Stations begin, so we have plenty of time.  We don’t need to do it all at once, just come back to it frequently, and give it five or ten minutes whenever you can.  Keep an even pressure on your Attention-probe in the bubble; eventually the bubble will yield to your Courage.  When you get into the center of the Pain or Block it’ll Feel very different, solid, with clear Edges. 

Once you get there, just hold your Attention there, until the Pain yields.  It will dissolve.  When the Pain moves, you’ve succeeded.  You can follow it if you want, but it will probably just get boring.

2. Now, take a couple of steps past the barricade.  Imagine…

  • Being Embraced by your Lover
  • Making dinner in your new house
  • Celebrating being disease-free
  • Going Home and floating free of all Cares
  • Working on the Global Earth-Preservation Team with Support from everyone
  • Going through that and thriving
  • Feeling perfectly Understood

Stay there for a few minutes.  Look around.  Any Big Feelings come up?  If it’s Fear or Anger or Grief or Anxiety, go back to step 1 and work with it.

If you don’t have negative Feelings, Congratulations!  Step 3 will be exploring your Dream further, and Step 4 will be taking a Small Action to move toward it.  You probably won’t be able to take a Big Action without triggering your Impossibility Feelings (in which case you can take it back to step 1), but a Small Action is all you need, it’s just a Conscious Commitment to assure the Unconscious that you’re on board.

A Caveat.  Your most crippling Limiting Beliefs wall off your Deepest Desires.  You’ve been indulging Fantasies about achieving your Deepest Desires all your Life, and Fantasies are designed to be impossible.  Fantasies involve mechanism – How it will happen…

  • This is How I’ll meet my Lover
  • I’ll be able to afford my new House by getting a huge raise
  • I’ll get disease-free by taking drugs
  • I’ll get out of this Alive by following my religion
  • We’ll save the Planet when the Perfect Leader arrives
  • I’ll get through that by spending years in therapy
  • I’ll meet someone who’ll Love Listening to me for hours and hours

Mechanism is the Masculine approach to Creating, and it works great for specific tasks, but you’re nowhere near the stage where you divide your project up into specific tasks.  If you get stuck on Mechanism now, you’ll stop the process.  You don’t Consciously know how to get from where you are now to where you’d like to be.  The Unconscious does know, so you’ll need to use PIAVA techniques to move forward.  For now you want to spend as much time as you can afford enjoying already Being There, past all the roadblocks and Impossibilities and imagined Mechanisms.  Just bask in it, till that Feeling of Bliss dominates your Life. 

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  2. Victoria G. Says:

    Hello, I got hooked when I first read one of your installments for August-September. This one that you posted was very much spot-on for me. The very same day you posted this I went through one of the most difficult moments in my career and had some profound realizations about my life . Great Pain, like you said. Thank you for posting. This is the first time I’ve ever come across this kind of reading.

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