August-September V

A fair amount of Grief and Anxiety out there, you can see it in people’s faces as you drive or walk around.  If in these Big Changes we focus on what we’re losing, or fear we’ll lose, that’s inevitable.  If we don’t catch ourselves in that trap and Respond, we Project our Old Life, minus what we’re losing, into the Future.  Respond how?  Well, we could Embrace whatever’s going on in our Body, then Let It Go, and come back in a while to see if it’s Let Us Go.  If not, reiterate, or try returning what you’re Feeling to the rightful owner.  Notice that “Respond” is the verb form of “Responsibility.” 

Responsibility isn’t the same as Blame.  If you Believe you’re carrying someone else’s Feelings for them, there’s no need to Blame them; you just give them back, psychically.  You don’t call them up and rip them a new one, you just silently deposit the Feelings next to their back door, and watch to see what happens.  They might not even be the right person, in which case the Feelings will return or resume, for you to Embrace again – “Embrace whatever’s going on in your Body, then Let It Go, and come back in a while to see if it’s Let You Go.  If not, … etc…” with your second guess about whether those Feelings are really your mom’s, er, I mean, whether they were really someone else’s Feelings.

There’s enormous Power in Responding to our Feelings as Feelings – Grief as Grief, Anxiety as Anxiety, etc – instead of Responding to what we Believe to be the apparent Cause or Content of our Feelings – Why we’re Sad, or What we’re Anxious about. 

That said, we can also work with our Projections – the apparent Cause or Content.  Notice that if you try to do this while Feeling Grief or Anxiety, what you’re going to Manifest if more Grief or Anxiety.  It really pays off to Respond to your Feelings first, till you’re at least Neutral, if not Optimistic.  This might be a long process, but if you keep returning your Attention to whatever’s going on in your Body (not in your mind), you’ll make the process a lot more efficient.

Let’s look at what Robert Moss (The Three “Only” Things, pp.178-9) recommends…

“The practice of imagination, on an everyday basis, involves clearing unhelpful images that block or misdirect our energies, and choosing to focus on positive, mobilizing imagery that gives us courage and confidence.

“A paralyzing fear or a numbing block [as an ‘unhelpful image’] can hardly be called an image at all.  Yet there is an image within the fear or the block that is waiting to be discovered, and when the image is brought to consciousness, and reworked, vital healing and forward momentum become possible.”

“Scanning and clearing can be a simple process, one that can sometimes be done on your own.

  • “Identify a problem or challenge in your life
  • “Pick a quiet place and time, close your eyes, and go to the place in your body where you feel that issue most strongly
  • “Now ask for an image of that challenge to become clear to you
  • “When you have that image, see whether you can rework it with your conscious intentions.”

He goes on to give an example of someone who “often felt ‘knotted up’ with anxiety” and the image she found was a “horribly tangled and knotted ball of string.”  She felt Relief as she patiently untangled the string and turned it into a strong rope that she used to pull herself onward and upward.

On pp.171-2 Moss says…

“We tell ourselves that reality is out there, but we do not experience that reality directly.  ‘What we experience directly,’ says physicist David Deutsch, ‘ is a virtual-reality rendering, conveniently generated for us by our unconscious minds from sensory data plus complex inborn and acquired theories (ie, programs) about how to interpret them…  Every last scrap of our external experiencem is of virtual reality…  Biologically speaking, the virtual-reality rendering of their environment is the characteristic means by which human beings survive.’

“Our lives are more or less authentic according to whether we are aware of the role of images and of our own ability to choose and discard or transform the imagery that rules our interactions with everything.  Hermann Hesse put this very precisely: ‘There’s no reality except the one contained within us.  That’s why so many people live an unreal life.  They take images outside them for reality and never allow the world within them to assert itself.’

“The greatest crisis in our lives is a crisis of imagination.  We get stuck, and we bind ourselves to the wheel of repetition, because we refuse to reimagine our situation.  We live with a set of negative or confining images and pronounce them ‘reality.’  We do this because we let ourselves get trapped in a particular version of the past or in a consensual hallucination  We do it to cling to the familiar, not daring to give up what we are or have been for what we are meant to become.”

We could also call it a crisis of Intuition, as we’re unable to Intuit the positive Future that our Mission pulls us toward.

Now we get to write about September, when we continue…

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  1. Alan vodicka Says:

    Hey Jim, not sure if you saw or posted this yet. Starhawk is doing a kickstarter to self publish the sequel to ‘The Fifth Sacred Thing’. It ends next Monday and is a good way to support the new wave and get her book early! Is the link.

  2. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate.

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