August-September II

The gory details on the “first Big Issue” that we talked about in August-September I can be found below in August I and IIDetails on the second Big Issue, which we’ll summarize in a minute, are below in the several Parts of Who Are We?.

The second Big Issue is with us at least through 23 August, with a peak in a few days.  It’s about a preview of the Big Reveal that’s due in June 2016, when our Soul can no longer hold it’s tongue about what we’ve been hiding from ourself.  If we’re lucky.  Otherwise what we’ve been hiding from Others could become public, though except for Politicians and other Trickster figures, I wouldn’t expect that to be common.  It’s more likely that we’ll find out that no no one was fooled by what we think we’ve been hiding from everyone else.  It should be obvious that we’ll do ourselves a favor by doing whatever work we can do now to Take Full and Loving Responsibility for the most Dangerous parts of ourself.

We’re looking at a Quintile Yod to the Conjunction of Uranus, Eris, and the asteroid Karma (the Big Reveal), with Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) and Saturn (focus on The Most Important Thing) as the base.  On 19 August the Moon Opposes Uranus-Eris-a.Karma, which should light things up pretty good.  The Uranus-Eris Conjunction is Exact in June 2016.  They’re now just three Degrees apart.

By around 20 August we should begin working with our Worst Fears, with our Regrets about what we’ve done in the Past out of Fear rather than Love, and with Insights about what we’re doing now out of Fear rather than Love.  The work will peak 26 August.  There are many gifts here, so as long as we remember to Notice and be Loving and Gentle with any tendencies to Condemn and Reject ourself for these transgressions, we should be fine.

The dwarf planet Sedna (Actions based on Fear) is Standing Still (strong) and turning Retrograde on 26 August at 26 Taurus.  That’s at the Midpoint between the reputedly nastiest Stars in the Sky, Algol and Capulus, though these reputations clear up considerably when you eliminate Gender Bias.  But it means that we should be on the lookout for Unconscious Gender Bias in our own Programming.  Sedna’s Station is Trine to both Mercury (Mental Clarity) and Ceres (Sustainability), so this Grand Trine should shelter us from anything too nasty.

The Station is also Quincunx to another Great Centaur Party, as the Centaurs Pholus, Hylonome, and Chariklo convene again on the Galactic Center, along with the dwarf planets Ixion and Quaoar.  This complex will be lit up big time in early September, as they all turn Stationary Direct at basically the same time, around 5 September.  But we’ll get to that.

To be continued again…

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