August-September I

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So let’s review and look a bit ahead…

Here in mid-August we’re working with two Big Issues. 

Before we get to those, though, we are in the middle of a short-term “Descent of Inanna” – a breakdown of our current Ego in order to open Space for a more Expanded Ego.  Starhawk’s book Truth or Dare is a great guidebook for this process.

The “Inferior Conjunction” of Venus with the Sun, which means that Venus is hidden because while it’s between us and the Sun we’re looking at its dark backside – and that’s only (not) visible during the day anyway.

The first one is about the Rebirth that awaits us when we Lovingly Take Responsibility to move out of our Limitations – and Discouragement about them – and Open to our Unlimited Potential, on the way Integrating parts of ourselves that we’re in the habit of Rejecting. 

Easiest way to do this may be to repeatedly Notice when we’re Discouraged, and just Let It Go.  Instead, let yourself Dream about what would make your Life Really Exciting.  Be careful to avoid thinking about how to get there – just Lovingly focus on the Destination you Want.  It’s that limited thinking about how to get there that’s Discouraging us.  Invite a Miracle instead, so you can jump straight from here to the Really Exciting place.  Whenever you Notice either Discouragement or thinking about How, Lovingly and Gently bring yourself back to What you Want.  You’ll be doing that over and over again.

This is the Chiron T-Square across the Opposition between the dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential, not Disorder) and the Conjunction between the Centaur Pholus and the dwarf planet Ixion  (Taking Full and Loving Responsibility for the most Dangerous parts of ourself).  Haumea (Rebirth) is Quincunx to Chiron, and Opposite the budding Conjunction of Uranus (the Individual Soul’s path) and Eris (revelation of what’s been hidden).  These are all very slow-moving planets, so this Configuration persists for a while.

Venus Retrograde fills the final place in a Diamond Star through 25 August.  Mars fills that place from 3-11 September.  Venus Direct comes through again from 13-26 September.

To be continued.

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