lem6960bpA Lemurian Dow Quartz wand.  Lemurians are characterized by the horizontal striations and (often) pinkish tinge.  A Dow Quartz is a Crystal with alternating faces of three and seven edges.  In modern times Lemurian Crystals were found in sand, already detached from their base.  Channeling reveals that they were coded with the story of Equality and Unity and left as a sort of time capsule in sand on a mountaintop by the inhabitants of  Lemuria before the demise of their continent.  Dow wands are particularly effective a directing Energy; Lemurians are particularly effective at Healing and at Integration of disjointed parts of the Self – Soul Retrieval.

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Speaking of Synchronicity (which we were in the Social Yintegrity post, ), I’ve “stumbled upon” (what a coincidence!) a fabulous book on just that!  It’s The Three “Only” Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, & Imagination, by Australian Robert Moss.  “Only” things as in “It’s only a dream,” as a dismissal.  I somehow had not encountered Mr. Moss before.  Highly recommended.  A sample (pp.21-2)…

“Paying attention to the Three Only Things give us much more than a winning edge.

“Living this way – even for just five minutes of dedicated time each day – we put ourselves in touch with our inner truth.  We find our inner compass and get a ‘second opinion’ on vital personal issues in the midst of confusion and conflicting agendas.  We open and sustain a dialogue with a Self that is wiser than what Yeats called ‘the daily trivial mind.’

“We allow ourselves to move effortlessly into creative flow.

“We also allow our Big Stories to reveal themselves.  Australian Aboriginals say Big Stories hunt the right people to tell them, like predators stalking and sniffing in the bush.  The trick is not to go chasing them, but to let them catch up with us.

“Sometimes a Big Story seizes us through a riff of coincidence we simply cannot dismiss.  When we are seized by a Big Story, our lives are different.  We have the power to cope with everyday dramas with greater courage and grace, because we are aware of a deeper drama.  We have access to mythic resources, in the sense Joseph Campbell conveyed when he reminded us that healing is what happens when we ‘move beyond suffering into myth.  We now travel with a sense of mission, and when we travel with that sense of mission, we draw different events and people and opportunities toward us.

“We make ourselves available to the Big Stories when we make room in our lives for dreams, coincidence, and the play of imagination.”

2 Responses to “Synchronicity”

  1. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines.

  2. Juli Arthurs Says:

    I have been reading and re-reading this book for years. Every time I dip into it just before I go to sleep invariably I will wake up remembering a dream. The writing seems to stimulate my right brain and whatever I read always seems new and fresh.

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