Social Yintegrity

mo5693bpMolybdenite, the Sulfate of Molybdenum.  Molybdenum, or “Molly” as she is commonly known, is a Chrome-like element that does not occur on Earth alone, but always Crystallized with other elements.  She’s persistently Solid, with one of the highest melting points of any element.  In the Sulfate, the Molly atoms are tightly bound to each other and to the Sulfur, making solid plates, but the Sulfur atoms are loosely bound to one another, so Molybenite behaves like a Mica, with plates sliding past one another and cleaving off.  Michael Gienger says, “Sulphur wakens our shadow sides and helps us confront them and overcome them.  Then we find the shaft of light that makes it possible for us to accept things we rejected before and to integrate them” (Crystal Power, Crystal Healing, p.124).  Molybdenite also always contains a minute quantity of extremely rare Rhenium, an element that’s so persistently Solid that it’s used to line jet engines.

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An excellent question from a reader…

“Not sure where you’re getting ‘in a social context’ when you write of the June 2016 Uranus-Eris initiation: ‘…we’ll come to appreciate Yintegrity in a social context a lot more.’ “

Here’s the source, from Who Are We? Part Two

“In June of next year another long Cycle (about 90 years) begins, when Eris Initiates Uranus.  Eris is a dwarf planet out near Pluto, and it symbolizes the Revelation of that which has been Denied.  Denial is a healthy psychological function, as it allows us to work on foundational issues without other more complex issues intruding into our Consciousness before we’re ready to work with them.  As this new Cycle begins to take hold (the more Sensitive among us are already Feeling it), we’ll come to appreciate Yintegrity in a social context a lot more.

“The Initiation occurs at 24 Aries, ‘Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a Cornucopia.’ “

The issue arises because we’re programmed to Live in a Yangtegrity World, and from that Perspective, Yintegrity is Chaos (Disorder, not Unlimited Potential, ie, not the dwarf planet).  “Sorry, we couldn’t get your car fixed, because the parts person didn’t Feel like driving around today.  Maybe next week.”  Traditionally, the Masters enjoyed the privilege of Yintegrity, and enforced Yangtegrity among the Slaves with violence.  Under the Industrial Revolution it was a bit more “civilized,” with Bosses and Wage Slaves, but it was the same picture. 

Yintegrity is the natural state for everyone. 

When I learned Time Management, the major takeaway for me was “To succeed, moment to moment always do The Most Important Thing.”  Well, obviously, if you aren’t taking your marching orders directly from someone else, you really need access to your Intuition in order to discover The Most Important Thing moment to moment.  You can use your mind, but then you’re orienting yourself to the Past.  If you want to orient to the Future, you need your Intuition.  Except in cases where you have extensive specialized training and Experience (and often even then), in order to access your Intuition, you need to be Relaxed.  This is especially true when the Future will be different from the Past.  So the necessary corollary is “To succeed, moment to moment always stay Relaxed.”

In a friendly climate where there’s more Food than competition for it, Relaxation and Yintegrity are fairly easy, and unless they’re prone to violence by nature, most of the potential Masters and Bosses can be ignored.  When Scarcity enters the picture, the Political situation Changes.  We can still opt out, by working on our Scarcity, and the “New Age” has developed many tools for that.  Katrina Blair’s Wild Wisdom of Weeds or Sergei Boutenko’s Wild Edibles can even help us Let Go of our Scarcity around Food.  But eventually, the likelihood that we’ll Want something produced by the Human Collective increases, and with it the likelihood that we’ll revert to some form of Slavery – that is, Yangtegrity.

I know, I hear youalls saying, “But doing what you said you would do is Integrity!  I hate it when people don’t do what they said they would.  Just the other day I had to walk two miles in the rain because my ride didn’t show up like they said they would – ‘I forgot,’ they said!”  And that’s because we’re hypnotized to be Slaves, not Masters.  Just like we’re hypnotized to Believe that nothing exists outside of Cause and Effect and Linear Time, at least nothing Material.  So we come to Synchronicity.  Your mother drove by the place where you were standing, two minutes after you left it to walk home in the rain.  Mind orients toward the Past, Intuition toward the Future, but we have to be Relaxed.

So we get “in a social context” mostly out of necessity.  If we can depend on Synchronicity, and Pay Attention to what’s being Taught when it fails to meet our needs, then we can all do Yintegrity and Survive.  Otherwise, we have to save our Yintegrity for vacations and, if we’re lucky enough, retirement.  We’ve barely been introduced to Yintegrity and “Ouija Board” Intuition, especially if we were born after the 1960s.

The Ouija Board, recall, is the Sabian Symbol for the Pluto-Uranus Initiation that governs this Uranus-Pluto Cycle.

One of the first things that the Eris-Uranus Initiation will probably show us, is the keystone parts of ourselves which will allow us to Live Yintegrity without total social chaos.  We don’t Believe that permanent Yintegrity is possible.  Sure, we can read the stories of the Saints and other Masters, who achieved their successes through Synchronicities, but they’re Saints and Masters.  So, if we’re Open to it, Eris-Uranus can show us the places where we have Separated ourselves from the Flow.  It’s one thing to Manifest through Force of Will, but quite another to be in the Right Place at the Right Time to Receive Abundance Effortlessly.

We could relate several other Cycles (Chiron-Neptune chief among them) and Discoveries (Quaoar, Makemake, and Ixion chief among them), but we’ll save that for later.

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