Who Are We? Part Two

eucl0144bpBlue Topaz – a simple Aluminum Silicate Flouoride – is another Stone that facilitates Integration.

  Ω    Ω  Ω   Ω   Ω  

Great gratitude to our asteroid-hawk reader Elizabeth, who has pointed out several things we didn’t notice yesterday.  For example…

  • If we have a Uranus Grand Quintile, we also have an Eris Grand Quintile, since the two are inching toward Conjunction
  • The Eris Grand Quintile will endure till around 23 August
  • Asteroid Karma crosses Eris  on 13 August
  • Vesta is Stationary today, 11 August – highly relevant because our Beliefs will be Changing as our Identity Changes
  • Pallas was Stationary on 2 August – relevant because Who Are We? Part One  ( https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2015/08/09/who-are-we-2/ ) emphasized Boundaries
  • The Moon crosses Juno on 16 August
  • Mercury crosses Juno on 19 August
  • Also on 19 August, the Moon Opposes Uranus, Eris, and a.Karma
  • The Moon crosses Saturn on 22 August

In other words, the plot thickens, a great deal.

Pluto represents, more or less, that which we can’t avoid.  We can manipulate it, but not avoid it.  I think of Pluto as a large River (the River of Time, literally); trying to paddle upstream is futile, but if we’re willing to be carried by the current, we can steer toward one bank or another, and if we Pay Attention we can “hear” rapids and waterfalls approaching, and portage around them.

Uranus represents, more or less, the Voice of our Personal Soul.  Uranus has a reputation for Disruption, because it Disrupts that which is no longer in alignment with our Soul’s Intentions for us in the Lifetime.  Uranus can be avoided, but at our peril, as the Voice gets louder and louder when we ignore it, till we have to stop business as usual, back up, and clean up the mess we’ve made by ignoring our Soul’s Voice.  Better to Listen Up.

Pluto Initiated Uranus – which means that the River of Time gave our Soul’s Voice an assignment – in the 1960s.  Think of it like the Initiate (Uranus) receiving Shaktipat from the Guru (Pluto).  Thus began a new 140-year Cycle.  Uranus-Pluto Cycles are about synchronizing the Individual with the Zeitgeist.  This particular Uranus-Pluto Cycle is about Learning to Trust our Intuition more strongly than we Trust Authority.

The Sabian Symbol for the Initiation was “A Ouija board.”

The Energy of a Cycle is prominent at the Initiation – witness the struggles in the 1960s between the youth and the Powers That Be, over the Vietnam War, over Privateering (the folks who get rich from War), over Racism, over Poverty, over Sexism, over Inequality in general.  The Energy then goes “underground,” where it slowly grows, though mostly out of sight.  Till the Cycle is one fourth of the way through – then the Energy of the Cycle emerges and become prominent again, this time “for good” (for the duration of the Cycle at least, but what the Cycle Teaches us is permanent). 

This “one fourth” point of the Cycle occurred in 2012-2015, when Uranus and Pluto danced together seven times.  So, as you may have noticed, all those issues – War and Inequalities of many sorts, are lit up again.  But this time they won’t go underground again, they’ll get louder and louder till we Listen Up.

We’ve been referring to this Energy as Yintegrity, and defining it as “Doing what we Feel like Doing, moment to moment” – as opposed to Yangtegrity – “Doing what we said we would.”  If you review the Marianne Williamson quote in “August II” ( https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2015/08/05/august-ii-big-integration-gets-bigger/ ), if you realize that Cooperation and Collaboration are at least as important in Nature as Competition (and probably much more important), and if you project that eventually folks will Learn to Tolerate Differences (Vive le), then you can dimly envision how a Society might operate based on Yintegrity rather than Yangtegrity

We propose that as the current Cycle develops further, we’ll see more Yintegrity and less Yangtegrity.  If you study Management or Innovation, you can find many examples where Individuals are making huge social contributions by indulging their Yintegrity.  Unfortunately, in most of those examples, the person who’s exercising their Yintegrity expects a great deal of Yangtegrity from others – with exceptions.  When a first mate demonstrates that their Yintegrity is productive, some captains can accept it.  Think Steve Jobs with Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive, or the Pixar team, where “constructive criticism” is the order of the day.  Eventually, as Humans expand their Consciousness and become less Defensive of their Ego Props, Collaborative Yintegrity will become available to more people than the Bullies and Radical Honesty graduates.

We normally use three Degrees of “Sensitivity” – that is, when an Energy is descending (or ascending) upon us, we start to Pay Attention when the two planets that symbolize the Energy are three Degrees apart.  Some of us are more Sensitive than others, so we’ll start to Feel the Energy sooner, but for most Energies, three Degrees is useful.  So while Uranus and Pluto won’t be dancing cheek to cheek, they will approach one another within three Degrees for a while, between 26 November 2015 and 9 April 2016.

If there’s any part of our Yintegrity homework that we didn’t finish in 2012-2015, we’ll get the opportunity (and it may not be voluntary) to polish our Techniques and Commitment between December of this year and March of next year.

In June of next year another long Cycle (about 90 years) begins, when Eris Initiates Uranus.  Eris is a dwarf planet out near Pluto, and it symbolizes the Revelation of that which has been Denied.  Denial is a healthy psychological function, as it allows us to work on foundational issues without other more complex issues intruding into our Consciousness before we’re ready to work with them.  As this new Cycle begins to take hold (the more Sensitive among us are already Feeling it), we’ll come to appreciate Yintegrity in a social context a lot more.

The Initiation occurs at 24 Aries, “Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a Cornucopia.

The current major Energies, of which there are two, are preparation for the new Uranus-Eris Cycle.  The current “Who Are We?” Energy tells us that The Most Important Thing is Expanding our Consciousness to allow our Self-Concept to include what we’ve been hiding from ourSelf.  And the current “Taking Full Responsibility for our Rebirth into Radical Honesty” (August I and August II – Big Integration) Energy is Creating the Miracles we need to lift ourSelf into greater Yintegrity.

We have to include the Pholus-Ixion Cycle in this complex, since it’s the bottom line of the current “Full Responsibility” Energy.  The Pholus-Ixion Cycle spans about 110 years.

That’s the background; let’s look more closely at the foreground in “Who Are We” Part Three…

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