Who Are We? Part Three

“Who Are We? Part Two” covered the background; here’s our homework for the Energies in the Foreground…

  1. The Uranus-Eris Grand Quintile; see Part Two.
  2. The Eris Grand Quintile will endure till around 23 August, with some carryover after that, depending on how well you’re open to new Perspectives on yourself and your World.
  3. Eris Initiates asteroid Karma on 13 August at 24 Aries, the same Cornucopia Degree as the June 2016 Eris-Uranus Initiation.
  4. Vesta is Stationary today, 11 August.  It’s turning Retrograde, and will back over the first half of Aries till mid-November.  It’s already crossed this span once, and if you look closely you can see that your Beliefs about Individuality and Creativity have shifted.  We’ll be exploring this more thoroughly over the next three months.
  5. Pallas was Stationary on 2 August, turning Direct.  It’s crossed the last two thirds of Sagittarius twice already, and it’s about to cross it for a third time.  Pallas is about setting and loosening Boundaries, Sagittarius is about Letting Go of Pain, and the last two thirds of Sagittarius are about Initiating and Developing new approaches to Letting Go of Pain.  What Boundaries have you Changed since late January of this year?  Those Changes will be facilitating the further development of your Yintegrity.  Do you Feel good about them?
  6. The Moon crosses Juno on 16 August.
  7. Mercury crosses Juno on 19 August.
  8. Also on 19 August, the Moon Opposes Uranus, Eris, and a.Karma.
  9. The Moon crosses Saturn on 22 August.

We’ll spend much of August working on bringing elements of our Shadow (ie, that which we prefer not to see in ourSelf) into the Self-Integration project we’re in the middle of.  We’re likely to see a peak in our Insight (or, if we’re in Resistance, in our Pain) around 19 August.

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