Saturn Station 1.8.15 – Self-Love

qtzr4510bpRose Quartz, quintessential Heart-Opener.

   α     α     α     α     α

The Most Important Thing here is Self-Love.  Everything else can go on the back burner.  Pay particular Attention to bringing Self-Love into…

  • Places where Fear or Resistance arises
  • Processes that are not Sustainable and Regenerative
  • Problems you’re still trying to think your way through
  • Issues you’re trying to resolve by Planning and Doing

In case you’ve forgotten, the alternative is PIAVAing (see ).

The Saturn Station (11pm PDT 1 August, ) is the focus of a Kite with Ceres, Lilith-Makemake, and Sedna, and with Sedna forms the base of a T-Square focused on Venus-Jupiter.  Ceres is about Sustainability, Lilith about Yindependence and the Feminine approach to Creating (PIAVA), Makemake about Manifestation, and Sedna about Actions taken out of Fear.  Fear can be subtle, hidden beneath more-benign Emotions like Resistance.

Great success follows from neither Native Talent nor Hard Work, but from Hard Work lifting Native Talent into Excellence.  If you aren’t sure about what Mission to Commit yourself to, look for Answers to the Questions below.  You want some sort of Answer for each, but it doesn’t need to be definitive; your Answers will be more accurate and relevant if you’re able to add “or something like that” to the end of each Answer….

  • Do I have significant Talents that I haven’t worked to develop because I’ve preferred to use them to coast through Life?
  • Am I waiting to be Recognized for my Talents, rather than working hard to Promote them?
  • Am I using my Talents to provide greater leverage for Manifesting my Mission?
  • Taking a realistic look at my Personal History, what Issue have I actually Committed myself to, based on how much Effort I’ve spent, how much Attention I’ve devoted, how much Risk I’ve been willing to take, and how much Value I’ve placed on the results?
  • Would I be proud of that on my deathbed?  Is it really what I consider to be my Top Lifetime Priority?
  • Would others be proud of me?  Realistically, have I spent my Life trying to Please them, or working on Issues that I personally Value?

For most of us there is <What We’ve Actually Done With Our Life> on the one hand, and <What We Would Have Liked to Have Done With It> on the other, and some degree of Competition between the two.  Both of these are True Reflections of our Soul Self.  The Next Step in our Lives – and the Next Step in the Pursuit of Full Commitment to our Mission – involves replacing that Competition with Cooperation and Collaboration.  These are the two Top Leaders of our current Lifetime, and when they Work Together for the same Goals, we are unstoppable.

Mars Opposes Ceres, and forms a Mystic Rectangle with the Saturn-Sedna Opposition.  From the Mars-Sedna Sextile there’s a Finger of God pointing at the Quaoar-Chariklo-Hylonome Stellium, which in turn Squares Lilith-Makemake.  The Stellium “commands” us (Quaoar) to Let Go of our Ego-Attachment to our Native Charms (Chariklo), and Grieve the Loss (Hylonome).

There are also Questions here that we don’t want Answers to, Questions for our Permanent Curiosity, Questions which will Create Grace for us if we can avoid trying to Answer them, because as long as they linger as Questions, the Unconscious and our Intuition will bring much greater Power to them than our Intellect and Doingness ever could…

  • I Wonder how I can make Self-Love a greater part of my Life…
  • I Wonder what I can Do to help myself move beyond Limiting Self-Satisfaction into Expansive Self-Love…
  • I Wonder what I’m Afraid of, that escapes my Awareness…

Wonder about these things as you go to sleep or go into Meditation.

The Quincunxes: Ceres to Venus-Jupiter, Mars to the Stellium, Sedna to the Stellium.


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