Then There’s Anxiety

soda8104bpSodalite – Sodium Aluminum Tektosilicate Chloride.  The Tektosilicates (Quartz and Feldspars; Sodalite is a “Feldspathoid,” or Feldspar-like) arrange their Silicates in Matrices, so they’re very tightly knit together.  Bring the image right in through your Third Eye and it’ll knit the Ego back together.  The Yang equivalent of Sodalite is Lapis Lazuli.  If your Sodalite turns white, bury it for a while.

  Ω    Ω  Ω   Ω   Ω  

Whenever there’s movement on the Cusp of Consciousness – as has been much the case lately – there’s going to be Anxiety.  “Omigosh, Change!  Will it be good?  Will Daddy take the T-bird away?  Will Elmer leave me before I can leave him?”  For most of us, Anxiety happens just below the level of Consciousness.  We feel it, but we don’t Witness it as Anxiety.  “Oh, Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Anxious, aren’t you.”  Instead we project it onto the myriad of Stresses that Material Being presents to us – money, Relationship, Community, Survival, Predatory Capitalism and Fascism, the Poisoning of our Food, and the many other elements of our Abandonment.

Or our Suffocation.  Some of us suffer more from Suffocation – we can’t stand to be Constrained – than from Abandonment.  Some of us do both. 

We might recognize it as Worry, or a Focus on Problem-Solving, or just “Mental Grinding.”  We fall asleep grinding away on the problem (if it will let us fall asleep), and we wake up grinding on it.  Or problems – Goddess knows there are many candidates these days.  The mind grinds away at perceived problems till they’re polished so smooth we could read our Fortune on them – if there was a connection.  Unfortunately, there usually isn’t.

 Anxiety is an Emotion, and the mind can’t “fix” an Emotion; it can only step aside and Witness it, Lovingly.  That’s the whole raison d’être of Emotions, to get us to Notice.  “There’s a Tiger behind you!” (Fear); “They’re ripping you off!” (Anger); “What will you do without them?!?” (Grief); “You aren’t Grounded!” (Anxiety).  We can’t make good decisions when we aren’t Grounded.  If there are important issues we need to Attend to, it’s important that we make good decisions.  So the Body warns us that we need to get Grounded. 

Unfortunately, many of us are programmed to solve problems in the mind, rather than in the Energy Body.  That’s what Humpty Dumpty was all about.  “All the King’s horses, and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty back together again.”  Of course not, we need the Queen.  The King’s men work for the mind, and you can never think your way out of any Emotion.  Anxiety shatters the thin-shelled Ego Egg.  And trying to work on any issue while the Ego is shattered, will only make things worse.  Mind and Spirit are Yang; Emotion and Matter are Yin.

We Ground the Energy Body by simply imagining a cable attached at one end to the base of our Spine, and at the other end to the center of the Earth.  We can also Ground by eating, or having sex, but when Anxiety is strong and we never attend to it directly (by Empathetic Witnessing it), eating and sex can become addictions.  The cable to the center of the Earth is more reliable.

Like any other persistent or difficult Emotion, or Programming, or Self-Sabotaging Patterns, the hardest part is Noticing.  Noticing that we aren’t Witnessing our Feelings, but Projecting them onto someone or something else.  Compared to Anxiety, Anger and Grief and Fear are easy, because unless we’ve undertaken psychological training, we don’t talk about Anxiety.  When you talk to your best friend, do you talk about your Anger, or who you’re mad at?  Your Fear, or what you’re scared of?  Your Anxiety, or what you project it upon?

After Noticing, the rest is easy.  You just Lovingly Empathize, Change the Subject, and get on with your Life.  Once an Emotion is Noticed, Embraced, Witnessed, it moves on.  Yes, Change is afoot.  Ground, Breathe, and you’re likely to find Excitement about it.

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