Turmoil and Sickness and Pain

ucite4996bpUranocircite – Barium Uranyl Phosphate Hydroxide.  Quite a lovely Crystal, tempting us to try to harness the Power of the Uranium in it.  Pluto was discovered about the same time as the Bomb.  Like the hubris that destroyed Atlantis, attaching the Ego to Powers that are larger than we can handle, will destroy us.

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A reader asks,

“There is so much turmoil and sickness and pain going around these days.  Is it something in the stars?”

There’s a hypothesis that all Pain is caused by Resistance.  I confess that I intuitively lean toward viewing the World that way, but I also recognize that the idea can be used Politically for untoward purposes, and many (who don’t actually understand the hypothesis) refer to it as “New Age Guilt.”  And I don’t assume that everyone runs on the same processes.  So it would be more accurate to say that some folks experience Resistance as Pain.  I do know that for myself, when I’m able to devote my entire Attention directly into Pain – which is to say, when I quit Resisting – the Pain dissolves.  But Curiosity is always a much better approach than Generalization.

And there are a lot of things going on “in the Stars” that could generate Resistance.  For instance, we referred to Portal 1-5.7.15 ( https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/portals-1-7-15-and-5-7-15-self-love/ ), which Energy persists for the first ten days of July, as Healing any lack of Self-Love.  Lack of Self-Love doesn’t arise spontaneously; it arises because we’re taught that parts of ourself are not Lovable.  So when “the Stars” suggest that Self-Love is being Reborn, that may create Conflict with our Programming and our Identity, and could, if we weren’t prepared or if the Conflict was strong enough, dump us into Ego Death, which we may well Experience as “turmoil and sickness and pain.”

Even today’s Full Moon has a good deal of Energy that could generate Resistance. 

The Sun is on Mars and the Moon on Pluto, and the Full Moon Squares the Nodes.

By and large, Resisting Pluto is seldom a pleasant experience, and Mars calls us to Action.  Under this Moon we could easily Act in ways that graphically illustrate for us our Limiting Beliefs.  If we Experience “the Stars” as our Teachers, we’ll be Grateful for the opportunity to bring them into Consciousness where we can reconsider them.  But if we Resist that Perspective for any reason – because we have another agenda, we resent Surrendering Control, etc. – then we could Experience this as the Universe sabotaging us, rather than our Limiting Beliefs sabotaging us, which they do continually in order to help us become Conscious, since we can’t Change them while they remain Unconscious.  We could easily Experience that as “turmoil and sickness and pain.”

The Full Moon Grand Cross is ameliorated by two Tricolors across the North Node to Sun-Mars Square: Sun-Mars Quincunx to Ceres and North Node Quincunx to Neptune.

And two Tricolors across the Sun-Mars to Vesta-South Node Square: Vesta-South Node Quincunx to the asteroid Atlantis and Sun-Mars Quincunx to the asteroid Hybris (Hubris).

The Tricolor is a Square and a Quincunx and a Trine connected end to end, so named because we happen to draw those three Angles with different colors.  The Tricolor is a Bridge across the Square, because by maintaining Curiosity about how the three planets will interact, we invoke the Grace of the Trine.  When we try to force Understanding instead of ongoing Curiosity, we remain stuck in the Challenge of the Square.  That can contribute to Mastery, but it makes Life more difficult than it need be.

For instance, the Tricolor Mars Square Vesta Quincunx Atlantis Trine Mars would be interpreted as suggesting that we focus on Curiosity about how our Beliefs (Vesta) may be granting ourselves and our Actions (Mars) too much Power (Atlantis), or Curiosity about how we might Surrender into Merging with a Power greater than ourself.

Since our preferred approach is to suggest ways to Heal “turmoil and sickness and pain,” we would suggest that we strive or PIAVA to maintain Curiosity around…

  • Actions that might Permanently eliminate Self-Sabotage
  • How we might Surrender into the Learning Opportunity that’s available
  • How our Unconscious Beliefs sabotage us by granting too much Power to the Ego and not enough Power to the Soul
  • How we can direct our Actions to breaking Patterns of assuming our Ego has more Power than it actually does

Like Love, Curiosity is Sacred because it eschews Judgment – as long as we maintain it as ongoing Curiosity, rather than as a drive to try to make sense of the World intellectually.  The intellect is Dualistic; the World is multidimensional.  The intellect can imprison Reality, but it lacks the tools to make sense of it.

We’re now firmly in the second phase of the Uranus-Pluto Cycle.  How many of us are totally Committed to some form of Yintegrity or Radical Honesty or uncompromising Self-Love?  Or do we still occasionally give away our Power and allow someone else to have Sovereignty over our Life?  If we’re still in Resistance to our Yintegrity, that could easily be a source of Pain.  And Uranus is only three Degrees and seven Minutes from Eris today – so we can expect to begin Experiencing all manner of Identity-threatening Insights about where our Commitment to Yintegrity isn’t complete.

Then there’s the intriguing possibility that the New Horizons spacecraft, which will buzz within a few thousand miles of Pluto in two weeks, is having a Psychic impact upon us.  As without so within.  Throughout prehistory and history Humans have personalized external objects as sources of Power and volition.  While modern religion and science disparage this as “superstition,” that’s simply an Either/Or Political reflection of their small Egos.  If we respect the Perspective of folks whose relationship to their environment was a lot more sustainable than our own, we need to take this process of granting Power to Symbols seriously, just as a substantial portion of modern psychology does.

Pluto represents the darkest portion of our Psyche, the Portal through which we move from one Lifetime to the next, figuratively or literally.  And we’ve entered that secret Portal with a flashlight, like having a probe – or an icepick – inserted into the deep recesses of the brain, without understanding what we’re doing.  How will the Living Portal respond?  Are we really ready as a species to uncover these secrets?  I took an NLP course once and in the second session one of the participants described having three car wrecks since the first session.  The instructor said she “couldn’t imagine what that might have to do with NLP” – which was either a bald lie or illustrated her total ignorance of psychology. 

The Psyche is always in Balance – whatever is out of Balance in Consciousness is Balanced in the Unconscious – and vice versa.  Opening up the Unconscious without preparation and guidance invites a psychotic Break – wrecking your car is actually “getting off easy.”  We manifest Exterior Reality, with its turmoil and sickness and pain and joys and adventures and surprises, as a buffer, so we can pretend like we’re dealing with exogenous Forces and avoid Responsibility for what would Overwhelm us.  But one of the Transitions that occurred in 2012 was Gaia’s retirement as the Identity of our Planet, and her replacement by Pi, and Pi is all about Responsibility.

This is the background behind the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square and the 2016 Eris-Uranus Initiation.  As the Illusion of Separation between Matter and Spirit fades, Material “Reality” as a buffer between Ego and Soul – the Veil – becomes transparent.  If that process happens too fast, or if we dally too long in Denial, then to remain in Balance, the contents of the Unconscious have to force their way through into Consciousness.  The stage of “turmoil and sickness and pain” is a phase where we still have the option to Take Responsibility, become Conscious of Ego Death, and focus on the Rebirth.  If we insist on Resistance, “Breakdown” eventually follows.  You can see that happening on the cultural level in many places on the Planet.

Responsibility is not Blame.  Blame looks into the Past to try to attribute Cause.  Responsibility looks into the Future to try to Change outcomes.  Taking Responsibility for turmoil and sickness and pain is in no sense the same as Accepting Blame for it.  Taking Responsibility for discomfort involves Stopping what we’re Doing, Paying Attention to the source of our Discomfort, and Embracing it Lovingly.  There may be an intellectual component to that, such as accepting a Fever as a “cleansing Fire” that’s purifying our Body.  But it’s mostly Attentional. 

Stop right now and Ask yourself, where in (or not) my Body does my Identity, my sense of Self, reside just now?  For instance, most of my own Self-Identity currently resides in my First and Sixth Chakras, as my butt is heavy in my chair, and I strain through my forehead to Intuit what to write.  There’s a whiff of Me in my Heart too.  Any discomfort in my Body?  Yes, a burning sensation at the back of my throat, up toward the nasal passages, a vestige of my recent bout of flu (which I did not Take Responsibility for at the time) and allergies.  So what happens when I put all of my Attention into that discomfort? 

That’s what Taking Responsibility means here – instead of trying to ignore it or medicate it away, to Stop and Be Lovingly Present with it, to see what it has to say to me.  When I do that for a few moments, the pressure in my skull (which other than the strain to Intuit I hadn’t noticed) drains out through my nose, and my Psyche gently says, “It’s time to Rest!”  And the discomfort fades away.

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