Chiron Portal 23.6.15

moldy5514bpMoldavite.  Not a Meteorite because its origin is on this Planet.  But produced by a Meteorite from molten Earth-rock splashed up by the impact of the Meteorite.  Moldavite brings the green ray of Compassion into our Intuition.

  ð    ð    ð    ð    ð

 A while back we look at Nessus in the first two Duads of Pisces ( ).  A Duad is two-and-a-half degrees, or one twelfth of a Sign.  The full Zodiac has 144 Duads, a dozen dozen.  Let’s look at what each Duad of Pisces might feel like…

  • The Pisces Duad of Pisces (0-2.5 Degrees of Pisces) – Pure Emotion, and possibe Overwhelm by same.  The Pisces process is about Letting Go of Held Emotion, in order to begin the next loop of the Zodiac with a clean slate.  This is the introduction, where we’re introduced to what’s up for Release.  That’s what Pisces is about – reviewing Emotional Experience to either Let It Go or renew our lease on it.

 It varies because of leap years, and the transition from one Duad to the next can occur at any time of the day, but in general, the Sun comes through this Duad around 18 to 20 February.  The Moon moves through it for about five hours every month.  For instance, the next Lunar pass will be on 4 July.  With a journal and an ephemeris (table of planetary positions) we could do a good job of keeping on top of this, and that would be very valuable, because each time we Attribute our Emotions to an external Cause we grout in another layer of brick on our Karmic wall, while each time we Experience or Witness that Emotion, in our Body, as a Pure Emotion and Empathize with ourself within the Experience of that Emotion we remove a row of bricks.  That becomes meaningful when we realize that Karma and self-sabotage are often synonymous.

  • The Aries Duad of Pisces (2.5-5 Degrees of Pisces, 20-23 February, give or take) is when we start to Burn Away these Emotions.  Once you get the hang of Witnessing Emotion as Emotion outside of Cause and Effect, and Empathizing with yourself when engulfed by Emotion, you begin to understand how Emotion (symbolically, Water) evaporates in the presence of Heat.  Empathy = Love = Warmth = Heat.  Poof, Emotion evaporates.  You might get a jump on the Emotion by naming it, as that might help you step out of it far enough to look back and be Loving with the part of yourself that has been drowning in it – often a younger historical version of yourself.

The word Empathy might confuse some in this context.  It doesn’t mean to become the other person.  It means to be Present with the other person.  Imagine a doctor tending to an accident victim.  If the doctor merges with the victim, they’re not going to do much good.  If the doctor is frightened or digusted by the victim’s wounds, the victim will suffer.  If the doctor can’t stand it and Denies the wounds, the victim is in trouble.  You want the doctor to be completely Neutral and Impassionate so they have full access to their training. Emotional Neutrality is a big part of Empathy.

On the other hand you don’t want the doctor to be uncaring.  You want Compassion.  Compassion means that the doctor can sense what the victim may be Experiencing, without getting lost in the victim’s Experience.  Love as a desire to possess or control what is Loved, or even as a desire to control the Experience of what is Loved, doesn’t qualify as Compassion.  Love as wanting the best for what is Loved fits much better.  That requires some Detachment.  So Empathy requires Separation between the person being Compassionate, and the person being Loved.  Neutrality, Separation, Compassion.  We may not think of these terms as keywords for Aries, but Aries is Cardinal Fire – Creative Spirit. And those terms apply to Spirit very well.

This is the Duad where Nessus sits, Retrograde.  Nessus is about Healing the effects of Privilege, and its Mirror image Abuse and Exploitation.  If we’re on schedule with this, we would be Embracing ourselves as Victims of Exploitation, with Neutrality, Separation, and Compassion.  Witnessing from the outside, Lovingly, how horrible it felt to be inside of that Experience.

  • In the Taurus Duad of Pisces, 5 to 7.5 Degrees, or more or less 23-25 February, we begin to put a solid footing on a new Identity based on our new Experience of Life without the Limiting Beliefs (another synonym for Karma) that we burned off in the Aries Duad.  Identity is a lot more than your driver’s license or passport.  The World as you Experience it is a Mirror for your Identity.  If you don’t like parts of the World as you Experience them, as Gandhi pointed out, you actually have more control over Changing your Identity than you do over the possibility of Changing the World.  Of course the only way we’ll ever Change the World is by Changing our Identity, since the World is just a Mirror for our Collective Identities.
  • The Gemini Duad of Pisces runs from 7.5 to 10 Degrees of Pisces, and often spans 25-28 of February.  In this Duad we take our new Identity out for a series of test drives, to see where it can take us, and what Limits it retains.  A week ago Neptune turned Retrograde near the end of this Duad.  Before Neptune turns Direct again in November, it’ll dip its toe back into the Taurus Duad, giving us an opportunity to revise a few things about our new Identity, based on what we’ve learned from our dabblings here in the Gemini Duad.  Remember this is still Pisces, so the new Identity we’re testing still sports Emotional Boundaries.

Since Neptune symbolizes the Cultural Unconscious, most of its processes are just beyond the grasp of our current understanding.  We often don’t notice Changes in our culture till they reach the headlines.  If they affect us directly we may feel them while they’re in process, but we won’t know how widespread they are, except Intuitively.  Neptune built us a new Cultural Identity while it was in the Taurus Duad, which spanned February 2014 through February 2015, more or less.  We’ve been test-driving that new Cultural Identity since March, and now we’re reviewing the results.

Currently unresolved issues, like Greek sovereignty and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, are likely to continue to be unresolved until Neptune passes back through this Duad in early 2016.  As has often been the case already, don’t assume that any resolution arrived at before then will be permanent.  These and the movement against Citizens United and big-money-in-politics in the US are Nessian issues of Privilege and Exploitation.  It will take Nessus another sixteen years to work its way through Pisces, so don’t expect any of these issues to reach Clarity anytime soon.

  • In the Cancer Duad of Pisces, typically spanning 28 February through 2 March and 10-12.5 Degrees of Pisces, we take version 2.0 of our new Identity – with adjustments made during our Gemini Duad test drives – and review it to see if it can meet the test of our Values.  If our new Identity is robust enough, we may find that we need to change some of our Values.  Otherwise, we’ll adjust our Identity to make sure it’s Nurturing enough to feed our Emotional Life without too much conflict.
  • The Leo Duad of Pisces, 12.5-15 Degrees and usually 2-5 March, is about learning Respect for our new Emotional Identity.  If it doesn’t make us swell with Pride, we still have adjustments to make.  Embarrassment could trip us up – when it does we just need to quickly make amends and move on.  Dwelling on it will add bricks to our Karma wall.
  • The Virgo Duad of Pisces is where we begin to take notice this week.  It occupies 15-17.5 Degrees of Pisces, and the neighborhood of 5-7 March in any given year.  Chiron crossed through this Duad between 15 January and 11 March of this year.  That would normally be Water under the bridge, but Chiron is now Stationary, and on 23 June it turns Retrograde in the Scorpio Duad.  It backs across the Scorpio and Libra Duads until 23 October, backs into the Virgo Duad again, turns Direct on 28 November, and finally clears the Virgo Duad on New Years Day.

Virgo is about debriefing the Ego.  So we’ve done all this Emotional work Witnessing and Empathizing and Clearing and Rebuilding and Road-Testing and Value-Testing and Admiring our new Emotion-Bounded Identity, and now it’s time to put it back to sleep.  This is still Pisces, it’s still about Releasing Emotion, so while our progress to date has been stellar, it’s temporary.  Virgo’s reputation for being Critical derives from its primary function, which is breaking down the Ego.  Why would it be so cruel?  Because it’s job is to prepare the Identity to meet Other.  Other can be anything – person, People, Entity, allegedly inanimate object, anything that isn’t Me.

Chiron is about Discouragement and Miracles, the sort of Miracles that arise from reframing an issue.  Suppose we fear that we’ll be forever in poverty in this Digital Age because we can’t do maths easily, for example.  And then we discover that with the right app on our smartphone we can let it do the maths we need, and we can make a fortune in sales.  The insoluble, Discouraging or even Despairing problem has been reframed, and the result, relative to our earlier Emotional Drama, is a Miracle.  From mid-January to mid-March of this year, we probably broke through several dead-end dilemmas like that – and probably encountered some that we haven’t broken through yet.  We’ll crash through those in November and December.

  • In Libra we meet Other.  So our Leo-Prideful and Virgo-Humbled new Emotional Identity suddenly becomes not the only Focus of our Attention!  In a typical year the Sun passes through the Libra Duad of Pisces – 17.5-20 Degrees of Pisces – in 7-10 March.  In 2015, Chiron moved through the Libra Duad between 15 March and 24 April.  Fresh from new Miraculous breakthroughs in our Emotional Self-Image, we met someone or something new, and we met them with our new, evolving Identity.  We may not even have realized that it was an experiment, as Libra often feels all-consuming, and we forget that we’ve barely embarked on our journey with Other.

Then, typically, we meet our Expectations, the Perfect Pictures left over from our previous disappointments and Desires.  And Other doesn’t measure up.  So we call in Guy Noir, famous private eye and expert at figuring out who did what when and why, whether it’s our fault or Other’s and how we can fix it all to get back to what we Want.

  • Hence the Scorpio Duad of Pisces, 20-22.5 Degrees of Pisces, and usually around 10-12 March.  Chiron moved into the Scorpio Duad of Pisces on 24 April, turns Retrograde there on 23 June, then moves back into the Libra Duad on 25 August.  Scorpio needs to Get to the Bottom of Things, so we obsess about how our adventures with Other in April didn’t evolve as we Wanted them to.  How can we Change?  How can we get Other to Change?  This is important.  It was the groundwork for our new Community, for finding our New Tribe to carry us through the Tripping Point.  It’s not something we can easily Let Go of, and appropriately so.

Chiron backs through the Libra Duad of Pisces from 25 August till 23 October.  So we’ll be coming out of our Emotional-Anaytical mode and re-engaging with Other.  Maybe the same Other, maybe other Others, probably both.  We’ll have made Changes in our Guy Noir interlude, and so will have Other.  We’ll cautiously explore ourselves in this new Mirror, and see if Other is a Safe companion for our new Identity – which by now feels like quite a veteran.

Then from 23 October till 1 January, Chiron is back in the Virgo Duad of Pisces, with a Direct Station on November 28.  Lots of things get Clear here.  The perpetual Challenge for Virgo is avoiding the temptation to indulge the Self-Hate that the Ego-based Culture has for it.  This is Chiron, so there will be Discouragement.  But there will also be big Breakthroughs, potentially abandoning Blame altogether and preparing to meet Other again in full Responsibility.  Chiron Dances with the Libra Duad until 22 February 2016, then moves back into the Scorpio Duad.

  • The Sagittarius Duad of Pisces is another Letting Go phase.  Back to Spirit, Fire, Heat, to evaporate the dense Emotional ponderings and dank spelunkings of Scorpio.  In the average year, the Sagittarius Duad spans 12-15 March.  It comprises 22.5-25 of Pisces.
  • In the Capricorn Duad of Pisces, 25-27.5 of Pisces, we’re refreshed by the pyrotechnics, and turn our Attention to the pragmatic aspects of relating to Other and Community.  Typically, the Sun passes through this zone around 15-17 March.
  • Finally, the Aquarius Duad of Pisces, 27-5-30 Degrees, is about putting our new – and newly, laboriously, reworked, Emotional Identity into Community.  Once we Emotionally engage with our Peers in our new Tribe, we’re ready for the Rebirth that arrives with the Equinox around March 20-21, the Aries Duad of Aries.

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