Morenewses, Anonymity, and Altjira

astro8462bpAstrophyllite, another glorious Potassium-Calcium-Silicate-Fluoride Mica.  Compared to Zinnwaldite, we replace the Lithium-Iron-Aluminum with Calcium, adds support for Discernment and the Growth of Consciousness to Clarity, Nonjudgment, Pattern-Breaking, and Well-Being.

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I generally wouldn’t trust an organization with a name like the “Institute for the Psychology of Eating” (I’d expect them to be selling skinny pills), but we recognize many of the Faculty, and it’s free, so it may be useful.  The “Summit” is called The Future of Healing Conference.  Introduction, Faculty list, and registration is at…

And here’s a “new” survival strategy…

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A reader Asks…

“How can you get to know and cherish nameless, faceless, anonymous players?  Perhaps I’m misunderstanding…?”

Excellent question.  If you’re a People-Watcher you do it every day.  And how much of our day is spent relating to another Soul-to-Soul, versus Ego-to-Ego, Soul-to-Ego, or Ego-to-Soul? 

I don’t know about you, but some people know some parts of me, and other people know other parts.  How many people know all of me?  A lot of that is on purpose – as a weirdo, or any unique person in a conformity-based culture, or anyone who spends a lot of time in Yintegrity without advertising it – you learn early on not to “cast your Pearls into the Mud.”  There are probably a few Souls who came to this Planet just to watch TV or shop.  The rest probably fit into one of those “Pearls” categories.  Well, if we’re all walking around that way, then we aren’t far from “nameless, faceless, anonymous,” are we?

Which is kind of beside the point.  The real issue is what Karma we’re Creating.  The more specific our PIAVAs are about any other Entity, the closer we are to violating the “Prime Directive” – don’t mess with anybody else’s Karma.  There will be plenty of Unintended Consequences to that effect from whatever we do, we don’t want to add any Intended Consequences.  And being specific about trying to Control another Entity wouldn’t count as Unintended. 

Listing the specifics of your Wants is an excellent practice, but then you have to Let It Go, Change the Subject, and Pay Attention.  Especially Pay Attention to how it will make YOU Feel.  The exercise of listing your specifics is a great way to initiate that Feeling, so you can dwell on it and PIAVA the Feeling.  Probably while being careful not to name it, as that would freeze it.  Wouldn’t hurt to add an “or something like that” to the end; “Great Spirit, I Want to Feel like that, or something like that, more often!”

All of which is really secondary.  Primary is that we often think we Want some specific Outcome in terms of Manifest Reality.  But Manifest Reality isn’t just temporary, it’s an Illusion.  It’s the Energy that’s Real.  I know, lots of folks don’t agree, and if they’re unwilling to find their way to understanding this Perspective (it’s Both/And, remember), it’s their loss.  I also know that sounds like an Either/Or, but it ain’t.  We have to Live our Lives in this Vehicle as if it’s Matter that Matters, and “Cognitive Dissonance” (Holding two “Contradictory” Beliefs simultaneously) can be difficult at times.  It helps to recognize that Contradiction is a property of the observing mind, not a property of Reality – mind is Dual, Reality is multifarious and more.

But Mostly, Emotions come a lot closer to the “real” Reality than thought does, so substituting How I Will Feel When I Manifest It for What I Want will multiply my Power to Manifest greatly.  It will also zoom us past our Perfect Pictures, which are mostly a portrait of our Limiting Beliefs.  I mean, our Perfect Pictures portray something we can’t Have; else we’d have been Manifesting them all along!  It’s important to know that this is an iterative process, because whenever we’re successful at stretching our the Edges of our Consciousness past a Limiting Belief,

When was it that Jupiter Initiated Juno?  The Ides of May?  And where did it occur?  The Midpoint of Leo, “A pageant, with its spectacular floats, moves along a street filled with cheering people“?  Wow, how much Yintegrity would you find in that Picture?  Everyone there’s wrapped up in Archetypes, or they wouldn’t be there!  Nameless, faceless, anonymous!  Sure, your Yintegrity might take you there on occasion, but as a variant of Mob Rule, it would be only as a diversion.  Of course, if your Yintegrity was to be the Planet’s next Charismatic Leader, it may be otherwise.

our Identity Changes.  The nature of Ego Death is Rebirth – “we” are no longer the same.  So we have to constantly shift our estimation of How I Will Feel to keep up.

If it’s Matter that we’re trying to Manipulate rather than Energy, then it’s us that’s nameless, faceless, anonymous.  As with most of our Objections and Judgments about the World and what we Perceive, it’s our Identity that needs Adjustment, not the World.  Even if we’re Passionate about Changing the World for the better, the most important thing we can do toward that End, as Gandhi said, is to Adjust our Identity.

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Another reader points out that the Trans-Neptunian Object Altjira (aka 148780 or 2001 UQ18, not to be confused with a popular alternative news service), which may be too small to be a dwarf planet, has an orbital period just a few years less than that of the dwarf planet Chaos (~300 years), and in our Eon orbits very close to Chaos.  I’m just starting to look into it, but Altjira seems to be about the Dreamtime, which makes Chaos sound like a drab intellectualization of the all-encompassing Miraculous Mystery of It All.  And of course, if Chaos was defined by the Patriarchy, that’s exactly what it would be.  What leaps out right off, is that Altjira was Conjunct the Sun at yesterday’s Full Moon, that is, Illuminated.

Altjira Initiated both the Sun and Mercury a few days back, at 9 Gemini, “A quiver filled with arrows.”  Portentous!  As if it could be otherwise.

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