Portal 06

zinnwald2561bpThis is the happiest little Stone I’ve ever met, or, more precisely, the stone that has conveyed more Lightness and Joy to me, than any other stone.  It’s a Mica, Zinnwaldite, comprised of Potassium (Clarity and Nonjudgment), Lithium (Flexible but Honest Boundaries), Iron (Grounding), Aluminum (Easing Identity Shifts), Fluoride (Pattern-Breaking), and of course Silicate (Well-Being and Consciousness).  And probably a little Manganese (Empathy) substituting for the Iron where you see the reddish tints.

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Sorry for the hiatus; it’s been busy!  As usual, Kelley Hunter has her eye on many fascinating elements of the chart for the June 2 Full Moon…


You may want to make a note that the Nationalism-becoming-Broader Perspective-Becoming-The Dawn of a New Age (Flag-Eagle-Rooster) Sabian Symbol of this Full Moon that she mentions, is the same Symbol as the Pluto-Chiron Initiation that occurred on the eve of the current Century.  The implication is that the next few weeks could see Miraculous and Permanent Transformations and Trance(Re)Formations occurring.

Pluto does that; it covers the Long Term, so just when you forget that Change is always possible and think something is Permanent, you wake up one morning and everything is different.  With Chiron it’s volatile. 

Today’s Chiron-Pluto Angle is halfway between the Waxing Sextile and the Waxing Quintile – it’s about done giving us favors, and about to Teach us Lessons.  The subject matter is of course Miracles.

The nature of Habit is that it becomes a Trance, we forget that we have Choice, and we become Zombies of the Archetype.  Until Pluto snaps its virtual fingers and wakes us up.  Being creatures of Habit, we’re out of sorts until a new Trance settles in.  During that time of flux, a new World is being Co-Created, so Change is possible.  The Lizards operate on a higher-level Trance, so they’re always prepared for flux times, prepared to inject propaganda to shift the World toward their own goals.  We won’t enjoy a New World until we too operate on a higher-level Trance, so we’re always prepared to recognize and discount their self-serving propaganda, and instead move further into our own Yintegrity.

The main thing we would add to Kelley’s discourse on the Full Moon, since she already discusses the Sun-Mercury Conjunction and the Neptune T-Square, is that Ceres forms a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Full Moon Opposition, and Ceres is Stationary.

In other words it’s time for us to make Permanent this transcendence – Trance Ascendance – to a higher level. 

And, we need to look at the Configuration that dominates the whole month of June, and part of July – a Grand Cross with Chiron, the dwarf planet Chaos (Potential, not Disorder), Lilith, and Ixion-Pallas-Pholus at its corners.

With Chiron Opposite Lilith…

We can expect what will seem like Miracle shifts in our transition from the Patriarchy to Balance and Wholeness. 

With Ixion, Pallas, and Pholus in a Stellium…

We can expect that Boundaries will be shifting, toward taking greater Responsibility for what we support most Relentlessly.  Where we Take more Responsibility, it will feel good.  When someone else wants us to take Responsibility for something we don’t feel Passionate about, we’ll have to say No Thank You, and setting that new Boundary to support our Yintegrity may be uncomfortable, as it may imply Changes in our Life that we aren’t sure we’re ready for.  Trust me, you’re ready.  You just need an extra pair of socks to keep your feet warm.  This will help…


When I was manic about having too many Exciting Things to do a few days ago, I did this exercise, and it inspired me to list my Exciting Things so I could prioritize them – instead of having them constantly interrupt one another – and relax.  It also slowed down Linear Time, so I could get more done.

Which Stellium Opposes the dwarf planet Chaos…

There are too many Important Changes to make for us to be able to afford to be spinning our wheels in Anxiety or Inefficiency, or getting cold feet.  The Time is Now.

Those of you who have Experience with Grand Crosses know how important it is to stay Grounded and take things one step at a time, and how easy it is to get overwhelmed when you try to skip ahead.  Operating a Grand Cross requires that we master both the Plan-Do Dynamic approach, and the PIAVA Magnetic approach to what we’re trying to build.

There is also five sixths of a Grand Sextile in the June chart.  These are all pretty slow-moving planets, so this Configuration is with us for a while.  The Grand Trine that this completes is Ixion-Pallas-Pholus to Eris to Juno-Jupiter…

There is great Grace available to us when we open up to what we’ve been hiding from ourself, and allow ourselves to Grow.  If anyone says anything upsetting to you this month, stop and think it over.  You’re probably not upset about the Present Moment, but about some unfinished past Experience that was triggered.  Ask yourself what that might be, and Open Up to it, Embrace it, be Loving and Gentle with yourself at whatever age that occurred, just as you would be with a favorite niece or nephew.  If necessary, excuse yourself from the Present Moment circumstances, so you can retire to the safety of the nearest water closet and process in Safety.

The Vacancy that would complete the Grand Sextile is 22 Aquarius, “A rug is placed on the floor of a nursery, to allow children to play in comfort and warmth.”

This means that Chaos is at the head of the Kite…

The Most Important Thing here is the Open Door to the gleaming Future that lies beyond your Limiting Beliefs.

The fifth planet is Haumea…

Imagine what it will be like to be Reborn out in that gleaming Future.  Take your greatest unfulfilled Desire, and imagine how you’ll Feel when it’s fulfilled.  Then project yourself into that gleaming Future, Feeling like that.  Your Desire is just a carrot on the end of a stick attached to your hat.  Your real aim is to bring that Quality of Life into every element of your Life, with or without the object of your Desire – which, after all, is just an object.  Even if you think the object of your Desire is flesh and blood and a Conscious Entity, it’s not.  It’s an idealization of a Conscious Entity.  It’s an idea, a thing, an object.

Trust me, what you really want is to take that Quality of Feeling, that Delight and constant Surprise, which you Believe will be Caused by the object of your Desire, and Enjoy it in every aspect of your Life.  If you Live that Quality of Feeling every day, you’ll attract into your Life many examples of your object.  What you attract may or may not be exactly what you thought you Wanted, but it won’t matter.  You can have your cake and eat it too.  This is one of the things your Desire hides from you.

In addition to the Chaos to Ixion-Pallas-Pholus Opposition, the other Opposition in the single Mystic Rectangle formed by the almost-Grand-Sextile is Eris Opposite Haumea – Rebirth through Opening Up to what has been Denied.

The object of your Desire, your snapshot of your Desire, is one of those Archetypes, one of those Trances sold to you by the propaganda machines.  Move your Trance to the higher level.  You want the movie of your Desire, not the snapshotPlay it constantly.  The movie is about You.  The other players in it are anonymous, and that’s the way you Want it to be – otherwise you’re trying to manipulate someone else’s Karma, and there’s no surer way to Create unwanted Consequences.  This doesn’t mean you can’t get to know and cherish the other players in your movie.  But know they’re replaceable.

I know, this flies against all of our Programming about the nature of Love, that Love isn’t Love without Possession.  And that’s exactly the problem – Possession isn’t Love, it’s Control.  This is true whether we’re speaking of people, or money, or fame, or security, or freedom, or chocolate, or weekends off.  Put the object of your Desire into your pocket, and leave it there.  It’s fine there, it’s just an object.  Or better yet, put it permanently into your Heart.  With your object firmly and Permanently in your Heart of pocket, you’re Free to Enjoy exactly the Feeling you’ve always wanted to Feel, all of the time.  Even when your also Feeling Anger or Grief or Fear, you’re still Enjoying that underlying Bliss.

There are two Fingers of Yod in the almost-Grand-Sextile; one to Chiron from Haumea and Juno-Jupiter, and the other to Haumea from Chiron and Sedna.  Since Chiron is part of the Grand Cross, the Chiron Yod forms a Diamond Star, easing the Challenge of the Chiron T-Square across the Chaos to Ixion-Pallas-Pholus Opposition…

Taking Responsibility for your own Feelings, Setting Boundaries where you need them and relaxing Boundaries where you don’t need them, and Pursuing your Passion Relentlessly – these are the three keys that will unlock the Miracle of Unlimited Possibility during June. 

Taking Responsibility for your own Feelings does not mean Controlling them.  It means (1) Embracing any Feelings that are uncomfortable, being willing to Lovingly Embrace their source in your Past – your Past Self that Felt them – and when you aren’t Embracing your Discomfort, (2) Purposely remembering and regenerating what it would Feel like to have the object of your Desire locked up in your pocket or your Heart, what it will Feel like, what it does Feel like!

Setting and Relaxing Boundaries means being able and willing to say No when something is not your highest priority or not your Passion, and being willing to say Yes when you don’t know if something will become a higher priority or a Passion.  Here’s a good practice to use when your No isn’t a fully Conscious Decision…


And while this is commercial, it’s not an ad, it’s a recommendation…


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