Catching Up 2…


“OR, you can accelerate the Planet’s Ascension, by just Living your Yintegrity and letting the chips fall where they may, since the Chips will be things you didn’t really Love anyway.  Imagining doing this will probably engender Fear, which is great, since you want to be Loving with that Fear first, while imagining, before you jump in.  If you Feel Your Fear and Do It Anyway, your Fear may Manifest on you.”

from Portal 21-25.5, a reader asks…

“Do you mean this literally?  In other words if we manifest our fears because we’ve screwed up on ABC (likely by not being Present), can we just celebrate the Fcuk-Up as soon as we catch ourselves?  ‘Cause, I mean, I can do that.  So often I forget to remain Present and Breathe through it, and Schitt happens, but if what you’re saying is true, I can recoup and celebrate the fact that I at least nearly caught myself in time.”
Absolutely.  I don’t know if everyone has Gracious Guides in the Unconscious, but I assume that the more one is willing to grant Suzerainty to the Unconscious (since it’s far and away the one that’s in charge for all but a few Saints among us) and Learn from its clear and patient instruction, the more it returns the favor.   Even if a “mistake” is “really” “fatal” in the hologram, we’ve only enjoyed a Big Ego Death, and will emerge on the Other Side edified. 
 By all means, whenever you Notice, that’s the time to “B” and “C.”  If you Fear that you’ve gone too far, “go meta” (step outside of the situation) and look to see if your Fear arises from, perhaps Shame or the Pleaser.  There is “someone” in the Unconscious telling you that certain mistakes will be fatal, and you want to find out whose voice they speak with, so you can dis-Identify with them.  Often it’s a good start to say to yourself, “Gosh, you poor kid, they really hypnotized you with that scary krap, didn’t they” or the like.  “Well, that’s bullschitt, ‘cuz we’re obviously still alive.  Let’s collaborate to prove how wrong they were, k?”

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