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If this website requires a login or otherwise won’t let you in, let me know, but what a treasurechest of information about Gluten, Anxiety, Celiac, healing Leaky Gut, and much more, from Trudy  Scott’s Anxiety Summit…

The Summit’s well on its way, but I believe a recording of Dr. Osborne’s interview will be available May 20…

Get more info at…

Dr. Osborne points out that Food Sensitivities often don’t manifest for several days after you’ve eaten the offending food, making it harder to Notice what’s bring you down.

Speaking of Noticing, Dr. Kim D’Eramo adds a B to the “formula” we mentioned earlier – that in order to Change a Habit of any kind you first have to Notice that it’s Acting you Out.  For Noticing, Kim puts in Awareness, or A.  So her formula is easy to remember: ABC!  A for becoming Aware, B for Breathing, and C for Choice, or Change.  Her Breathing step involves spreading the shoulders and arching the back to open the chest and get Breath to the Heart…

Again, if this website is inaccessible, let me know.

Some Either/Or here – Dr. Osborne is advising against eating seeds of any sort (though he seems to think nuts are okay) because seeds are the Plant’s method of preserving their species, and contain elements to protect against predators, including Humoid predators.   Yet many other speak of those very elements (some of them) as exactly the most powerful nutrients that the Body needs.  For instance, cutting your Onions and Brassicas then leaving them sit for five minutes will bring out their most healing Sulfur compounds, because the cutting simulates an insect attack.  How to resolve?

First, Dr. Osborne advises against seeds and beans while the gut is Healing.  Gluten and potentially other Grain proteins injure the gut lining every time, but other seeds may not.  But while Healing Leaky Gut, stay off the seeds and beans.  After major Healing has occurred, you can reintroduce the seeds and beans one at a time to see, while Noticing if your Body’s response to them is okay. 

Second, no two Bodies are the same, and no one Body is completely the same from one day to the next.  Almost anything is poisonous in large enough quantities, or at times when the Body is particularly reactive to it.  If we need to we can keep a Food Log, where we note everything we eat, so when we feel less than marvelous for any reason we can go back over the Log to see what we may have eaten to trigger our feeling less-than.  I know people who can’t eat Xantum Gum, for instance, which is the primary substitute for Gluten in Gluten-Free baking.

Sounds like a pain, but there’s probably an app for it, eh?  The watchword in Pi’s post-2012 realm is Responsibility.  Blame and Denial no longer work.  Now we need to do the work.

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