News of the Weird

Well, not really weird, it’s the mainstream that’s weird.  This stuff makes sense.  Don’t recall where I’ve seen that headline before – maybe Funny Times? – but I hope they don’t mind if I borrow it for a minute.

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Anxiety, Nutrition, Gluten, and Astrology

Just kidding about the astrology.  This stuff is actually related, though, through the fact that Ceres (Sustainability) was rising everywhere on the Planet when the current Century was born, and as part of our New Paradigm Chiron-Neptune Cycle, which advises us to Take Responsibility for our own Survival, since the Culture is Hell-bent on self-destruction.  The End of Time and Pi’s replacement of Gaia support the same trends.

I think this recording will be very short-lived online, but the third interview on this page, with Dr. Peter Osborne, is a fascinating review of bleeding-edge research and Functional-Medical practice (“Functional Medicine,” unlike Big-Pharma-based “medicine,” includes nutrition in its scope) around Gluten…

If you miss it, or if the link doesn’t work for you, the mother link is at…

Subtitle “Nutritional Solutions for Anxiety.”

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Gluten-Free AND Organic

I’m starting a campaign to talk people into making products that are BOTH Gluten-Free AND Organic, because, short of knowing the producer (which is better, actually), Organic is the only way to know that something is Glyphosate-Free, because Glyphosate is an FDA-approved antibiotic that wipes our your good gut bacteria and hence contributes mightily to the same syndromes that Gluten does.  And because I don’t find ANYBODY who sells foods that are both Gluten-Free and Organic – or even knows that they need to!!

I know, its got a whole bunch of krap in it that I have no business eating, but I’m a carboholic, so I’ve started my campaign by asking Rudi of Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery to be the ice-breaker.  This is pretty tame, but here’s an interesting side-note on the subject of pure Food…

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Succor from Mom

Mother Nature that is.  Paul Wheatley is an amazing innovator and permaculture promoter.  His remarkably wide-ranging blog is at…

This post introduces a virtual library of information about eating wild plants.  Find more at…

And check the creator’s (Sergei Boutenko) lovely website at…

I’ve asked Paul to tell Sergei that those of us, who no longer offer our credit card numbers up to the hackernet, will be ordering as soon as Sergei offers a PayPal option.  Sergei does have one of his books on Amazoo, but I haven’t read it yet so I can’t tell you how it compares to Tom Elpel’s or Katrina Blair’s “must-have” books on Free Food.  We may all need this stuff sooner than we think, and as much or more for health reasons as for economic reasons.

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Now, you know, it’s Lilith (Self-Soverignty) that’s making the Opposition to Chiron (Despair and Miracles) which is dancing with the asteroid Karma ( Self-Reinforcing Habits ) and being T-Squared by the dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential, not Disorder), so Yindependence is indeed lit up astrologically.  And we agree with the many other folks who see the Patriarchy’s days as numbered, as it is clearly their doing that our Planet is being rendered unfit for habitation.  A couple of interesting notes in this regard…

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And finally, a movie discovered in the basement of the Carnegie Library in Pompeii Italy that’s remarkably well done.

What you see at the end is called a “pyroclastic flow” – a well-mixed, low-friction combination of ice, steam, molten rock, and general detritus that can travel downhill long distances at up to 100 km/hr.   Living as I do in a region lively with volcanoes, I can verify that these are indeed one of Ma Dirt’s most effective counter-moves in her to-the-death chess game with endemic predatory capitalism and the self-reinforcing consumerism that its propaganda machine promotes.

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